Triple Threat Marketing Looks to Stay Productive in 2016

Triple Threat Marketing's Director of Operations discussed goal-setting strategies for 2016, and shared tips for staying productive throughout the year.

“At Triple Threat Marketing, we had a record-breaking 2015,” declared Trey, the firm’s Director of Operations. “We want to carry that positive energy into the New Year, and we have set some aggressive goals in that spirit. Many people allow their resolutions to fade a few weeks into the year, but our passionate team members are determined to follow through and reach new levels of success.”

Goal setting is a point of emphasis throughout the year for Triple Threat Marketing’s leadership team. The first quarter is an especially crucial time for putting high benchmarks in place. Trey explained, “We like to set ambitious, long-range goals at the beginning of the year. That way, we have a plan of action that allows us to make incremental progress and adjustments along the journey.” Company leaders focus on both short-term and long-term targets during the first few weeks of the year, and they enjoy the flexibility that comes with getting an early start on planning.

"The early morning hours are so quiet, and they invite reflective thought,"

Trey, Director of Operations

Trey and the rest of the leaders at Triple Threat Marketing are also committed to providing innovative leadership training in 2016. The Director remarked, “Our associates sharpen their leadership abilities throughout the year by attending industry conferences and taking part in team training sessions. This year, we want to streamline these developmental efforts even more. We are planning some exciting events that will challenge our people to be even more creative and forward-thinking, and I can’t wait to get started.”

Triple Threat Marketing’s Director of Operations Offers Advice for Maintaining Productivity

To achieve their lofty goals for 2016, Trey understands that Triple Threat Marketing’s associates will need to stay on the productive path. He also knows it isn’t always easy to do so. He stated, “I have some simple tips for our associates to help them maintain high levels of productivity, no matter what is going on around them. The beginning of a new year is an ideal time to remind our team of these strategies.”

One thing the Director encourages his associates to do is wake up earlier. “The early morning hours are so quiet, and they invite reflective thought,” he added. “Not only that, when you get a head start on your day, you have a good chance to fit in a workout. That gives you an energy boost that results in a more productive day at the office.”

Trey also reminds his team members to overcome the time-wasting distractions that compromise productivity. He stated, “There are quite a few time-tracking tools that can help you get more done with the hours in a day. We have applied them here at Triple Threat Marketing, and we have found that responding to unnecessary emails, checking social media accounts, and other diversions end up wasting an incredible amount of time. When redirected toward important tasks, that time can pay big dividends for individuals and for companies.”

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