Topbulb Unveils New Line of High Quality LED Light Bulbs

Topbulb, an online lighting distributor, recently unveiled their new line of LED products from Soraa, an LED company that manufacturers products for color-critical lighting applications.

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Topbulb, a leading online retailer of light bulbs, fixtures, and other lighting supplies, recently announced they have begun carrying a new line of products by Soraa. These high-quality LED lights are manufactured using a unique process that provides advantages for color- and lighting-critical applications, such as museum and art gallery displays.

“We’re excited to start carrying the Soraa line of LED light bulbs,” stated Mr. Andrew Shebath, General Manager of Topbulb. “Over the years, we’ve provided lighting products for a wide variety of museums and art galleries, so adding this new selection of products will allow us to stay on the leading edge of the business lighting industry.”

Over the years, Topbulb has provided lighting products for a wide variety of museums and art galleries, so adding this new selection of products from Soraa will allow us to stay on the leading edge of the business lighting industry.

Andrew Shebath, General Manager

For museum and gallery directors, Soraa products offer a number of advantages over traditional incandescent, halogen, and even LED technology. These include up to five times more light output per unit area, the emission of violet light where traditional LEDs emit blue light, better color rendering with total accuracy, and full spectrum color. This results in natural, full-spectrum light that is continuous from violet to red, while eliminating the parts of the spectrum that are harmful UV and wasteful infrared.

“We’ve added several hundred of Soraa’s products, allowing our customers to find the exact type of light bulb they need,” continued Mr. Shebath. “From different lamp shapes, to base types, to CRI, to beam angles, to wattages, Soraa’s product line covers the widest range of possible lighting applications, making it easy for lighting specialists to find what they need and improve lighting quality.”

In all, Topbulb has added over 400 new products from Soraa, including MR16 bulbs, PAR lamps from PAR20 to PAR38, AR111 lamps, and variations in base types, including GU5.3, GU24, and E26. End users can replace incandescent and halogen wattages from 35 to 120, and choose from a variety of bulbs that have earned the Energy Star Qualification. All of Soraa’s products come with a manufacturer warranty of 3-5 years, and are estimated to last 35,000 hours. The company offers both the Vivid (95 CRI) and Brilliant (85 CRI) series of Soraa’s lighting products.

In addition to museum and art galleries, Soraa light bulbs can be used in a wide variety of applications for recessed downlights and track lighting where precise beam angles and natural color rendering are important.​

Victoria Supply Topbulb is a leading distributor of lighting products, including bulbs, fixtures, and related supplies. The company is based in East Chicago, IN, and stocks over 250,000 light bulbs, which ship daily from its warehouse. The company focuses on specialty lighting for various industries and government institutions.

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