Topbulb Helps Promote National Autism Awareness Month With Blue Lighting

Topbulb, a national distributor of lighting products, is supporting National Autism Awareness Month by lowering prices on blue light bulbs and donating a portion of sales to charity. The company is affected by autism, as one of its employees has a child who has the condition.

Victoria Supply Topbulb, a leading distributor of light bulbs and lighting products online and proponent of National Autism Awareness Month, is giving back to the community with a donation of proceeds from the sale of blue light bulbs to autism charities.

Topbulb is directly affected by the impact of autism, with one of its employees the father of a two-year-old son who suffers from the condition. Supporters of National Autism Awareness Month can show their support by purchasing a blue light bulb.

“We wanted to support the cause this year, and as a result, we took a look at what light bulbs were appropriate to promote,” stated Mr. Andrew Shebath, General Manager of Topbulb. “We’re happy to announce that we are donating a portion of the sales of all blue bulbs made in April to Autism charities, so customers know they are supporting a cause that we believe in.”

National Autism Awareness Month is in April, and this year’s theme is promoting the acceptance and inclusion of people with autism. While “Light It Up Blue” for autism awareness is traditionally celebrated on April 2, World Autism Awareness Day, supporters are encouraged to keep a blue light shining throughout the entire month.

In the past, iconic landmarks throughout the world, such as New York’s Empire State Building, Chicago’s Willis Tower, and Toronto’s CN Tower, have used blue lights to celebrate autism awareness. In 2010, volunteers and supporters range the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange.

“We’re honored to be able to show our support for autism awareness,” continued Mr. Shebath. “We hope our customers, both old and new, will also show their acceptance by lighting it up blue for the month of April, whether they purchase their blue lights on our site or elsewhere. We believe it is an important issue and it affects a valued employee’s family. If we can do anything to further the cause of acceptance, inclusion, and understanding, we’re all for it.”

Topbulb, an online retailer since 1999, specializes in all types of lighting, including bulbs, fixtures, ballasts, and supplies. The company carries a wide range of light bulbs, including incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, and LED, for a variety of applications such as general lighting, medical, business, institutional, automotive, projection equipment and more.

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