Topbulb Revamps and Improves Metal Halide Line

Topbulb, a leading ecommerce lighting distributor, has revamped and improved their metal halide line.

Topbulb, an industry leader in the lighting ecommerce business, has recently completed their process of improving the metal halide line they offer online. Metal halide lamps are common in big box retail stores, parking garages, as security lighting, in sports arenas, and many other industrial and commercial applications.

“In spite of the movement toward LED luminaire options in the commercial and industrial sector,” stated Andrew Shebath, Business Operations Manager of Topbulb, “metal halide lamps continue to maintain their presence in the market. Other than dedicated LED fixtures, there are few direct bulb replacements that match the lumen output of higher wattage metal halide.”

In spite of the movement toward LED luminaire options in the commercial and industrial sector, metal halide lamps continue to maintain their presence in the market.

Andrew Shebath, Business Operations Manager

In addition to the larger metal halide bulbs commonly found in sports stadiums and parking garages, small form factor ceramic metal halide has been embraced by high end retailers for accent lighting due to its clean white light and strong color rendering.

“While LEDs excel at reducing energy costs,” continued Mr. Shebath, “the 25,000 hour rated life of some metal halide lamps compares very favorably against LEDs. Plus, the cost of metal halide lamps is significantly lower than LED direct replacement bulbs. However, as LED technology continues to improve and gain market share, the cost difference will narrow.”

Topbulb has recently improved its metal halide selection with a number of brands and options. The website features a large selection of standard start, pulse start, and ceramic metal halide lamps from both premium and value brand manufacturers. These brands include Osram Sylvania, GE, Standard Products, Higuchi, and others. The lamps have been selected for their long life, stable color, and improved lumen maintenance.

Topbulb, a Victoria Supply Company, specializes in consumer and hard-to-find light bulbs and lighting accessories. The company supplies lamps for the medical industry, dentist and doctor offices, photographic and stage/studio applications, and automotives and emergency vehicles.  In addition to common incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, and HID bulbs, Topbulb also stocks newer LED bulbs and LED fixtures. The company also carries a wide variety of conventional fixtures, ballasts, and lighting controls.


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