Topbulb Helps Serve Education Lighting Needw With New One-Stop Lighting Shop

Victoria Supply Topbulb, a lighting distributor, has made it easier for schools and universities to find the lighting solutions they need. Whether it is general lighting for classrooms and hallways, specialty lighting for media centers and labs, or exterior lighting like fixtures and exit signs, procurement has become a new focus for the company.

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Topbulb, an international distributor of light bulbs and lighting products, has announced a new initiative to serve educational institutions. The company has provided lighting solutions to schools, universities, and government organizations for over 16 years, and recently launched a new “One Stop Shop” for all things education lighting.

“We wanted to make it easier for administrators, instructors, and maintenance professionals who work in education to find the light bulb, fixture, or lighting supply they need,” stated Mr. Andrew Shebath, General Manager of Topbulb. “We think having a central location to serve the most common general and specialty lighting needs of educators will make their lives easier.”

Schools face a daunting task to keep up with the lighting needs of their buildings and educators. Different types of lighting solutions are needed in classrooms, hallways, offices, gymnasiums, labs and media centers, restrooms and utility areas, and for the building exterior, security, and parking areas.

This means that educational facilities need a wide range of bulbs, fixtures, ballasts, and accessories. That includes fluorescent tubes and ballasts, metal halide lamps, occupancy sensors and timers, projector lamps, microscope bulbs, wall pack fixtures, and exit signs. Finding all of these types of items in one place is not easy.

“Serving the lighting needs of schools, colleges, and universities is a responsibility we take very seriously,” continued Mr. Shebath. “Topbulb has been supplying educational institutions with replacement bulbs for years, but we’re excited to offer more comprehensive solutions that make keeping the lights on much easier for administrators, teachers, and facility managers alike.”

Topbulb, a Victoria Supply Company, provides general and specialty lighting for a wide range of industries, from education to governments to the medical industry, and more. The company serves both consumer and business needs, offering traditional lighting supplies, as well as newer LED bulbs and fixtures. The company has a professional customer service department with decades of expertise in the lighting industry.

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