Top Brands Partner with Gathr for 1st-Person Marketing Data and User-Generated Content

Gathr Puts Leading and Emerging Brands in Consumer Hands


Introducing Gathr. Gathr partners with leading and emerging brands to directly interact with consumers. Gathr has built a Membership base of consumers who have provided detailed profile information in exchange for receiving curated boxes of free sample products. 

Gathr matches leading and emerging brands to their membership based on detailed profiles. All brands can evaluate the marketplace based on selected demographics and detailed preferences. Offering a hyper-targeted audience to send products to. Partner brands work in conjunction with the marketing data professionals at Gathr to select their ideal demographics. Free product or service samples delivered to members who meet the selected brand profile arrive in a non-competitive curated box. 

Gathr has in-depth information about their members that include details such as skin tone, hair texture, eating habits, children, pets, social media, coupon usage, and product preferences. Their membership details encourage a more robust response from consumers. 

Their free sample program will process, assemble, and present a detailed report of consumer feedback based on the client partner preferences. Gathr will encourage members to share their views on the products in detailed surveys, online reviews, social media posts, or through direct contact with marketing professionals and interactive videos. 

Gathr Brand partners decide the size and scope of the free samples sent out in the curated boxes. Whether introducing a new addition to an established brand, test marketing a new product, trying to rid of soon-to-expire products, or diminishing extra inventory, Gathr can provide in-depth consumer response by engaging with a hyper-targeted audience. 

Brands that already recognize the benefits of consumer feedback through the direct marketing metrics pioneered by Gathr include Maybelline, L'Oreal, AAVRANI, Bigelow, hydrant, and other national, regional, and established and emerging companies. 

As an example, Gathr designed, managed, and executed an exclusive curated box for female members 18-50 years old to activate the Essie 2021 Spring Collection of Nail Polish. The goal set by the Essie team was a digital response. The results were a 48% digital engagement, 26% opt-in email clients, as well as a 25% survey response among those that received the special curated Gathr Box. 

Bernardo Villela, CEO of Gathr, expresses the goal of working with Brand Partners, "Gathr is a data powerhouse. Our goal is to be the one-stop-shop for any brand to access a new customer base, learn more about their existing users, or evaluate a new product. We are creating an ecosystem through which brands and consumers can interact directly - cutting out the need for the billions spent on brand marketing and allowing brands to redirect that spend to a much more targeted channel." 

Brands can contact Gathr today to become a part of their 2022 curated or exclusive marketing boxes. Spring, Summer, Fall, and Holiday opportunities are still available. 

Media Contact: 

Sabrena Gartland

Source: Gathr