JAWS® Introduces Their Ultimate Cleaning Playlist

The Beats to Beat New Year's Resolutions Failures

Nearly 80% of people admit to abandoning their New Year's resolutions by February. If getting into a new cleaning rhythm is your resolution for 2023, JAWS® Just Add Water System™ curated the Ultimate Cleaning Playlist to keep that commitment alive all year. Customers who check out the playlist on Spotify are entitled to 20% off their next order.

The innovative JAWS system is designed to be sustainable and provide a safe alternative to harsh household cleansers.

  • JAWS offers a range of cleaners for every surface in your home. Each reusable spray bottle comes with refill pods of powerful concentrate. When mixed with water, the pods create cleaning products that are effective without streaking or leaving behind residue. When empty, simply refill the spray bottle with water, reload with another pod and go.
  • Its refill pods and bottles also are recyclable— reducing plastic in landfills. JAWS' innovative system of eco-friendly cleaning products helps consumers save money while also helping to save the planet.
  • A range of JAWS cleaning products carry the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA's) Safer Choice label, which helps consumers identify products with safer chemical ingredients without sacrificing quality or performance. When a product has the Safer Choice label, it means that every intentionally added ingredient has been evaluated by EPA scientists. Only the safest possible functional ingredients are allowed in products featuring the Safer Choice label.

The Jaws Ultimate Playlist offers 6 hours and 30 minutes of favorite songs to get in the mood to mop, trip the light fantastic while tidying—dance while dusting. So turn up the volume. And enjoy.

JAWS line of EPA-certified Safer Choice cleaners and microfiber cloths offer the ultimate in clean. Check out their website for more information.

Source: JAWS