Thousands of Skateboarders Registered on Max C's Website to Stay Connected With the Launch


Electric skateboards have been around for some time now. But while there are quite a few electric skateboards available in the market, most of them are limited with respect to their functionality, safety, or battery life. Mac C from Maxfind is an electric skateboard that is being launched to completely transform the world of electric skateboards. While the skateboard is yet to be launched, the specs and features of the skateboard have already made thousands of skateboarders register themselves on Max C’s official website to stay connected with the launch-related updates.

Max C has a sleek, unibody design which is an outcome of the advanced injection-molding technology. Constructed from materials like premium carbon fiber and high-strength polymers, the skateboard is light in weight and perfect for the everyday urban commute. While the skateboard only weighs 3.7kgs, it can carry a weight of up to 80kg. This immense weight bearing capacity of the skateboard is due to its durable and innovative build.

The skateboard also features a handle at the top part of the board. Its compact design combined with the presence of the handle makes it very easy for the skateboarders to pick the skateboard, store it and carry it. The deck of the skateboard is on the tail deck shape and its hub motor too. It is very light in weight and powerful. Be it flat roads, water, or uneven path, Max C will be the perfect accomplice.

The high-performance brushless motor of the skateboard provides instant brake, fast acceleration, and easy hill climbing experience. Moreover, the innovative hub motor of Max C can save the electricity when it is on the downhill and can convert some portion of the potential energy into electrical energy to protect the motor from damage caused due to overload.

The skateboard features a Samsung 18650-sized cell which is commonly used in electric cars from Tesla. Once fully charged, the battery of the skateboard can easily last for up to 11 miles. Its ultra-fast charging system ensures that the skateboard can be fully charged in just 1 hour. The dust and waterproof design of the skateboard guarantee that it can be used anywhere and everywhere. Even the brushless motor used in the skateboard has excellent heat dissipation ability to ensure that it remains protected from water and dust. By keeping the temperature minimum, even the motor life of this skateboard will be greatly extended.

Safety too is a major concern for skateboarders and thus, this Max C Electric Skateboard has hi-power LED taillights and headlights. Be it pedestrians or traffic, skateboarders can rest assured that they will be easily visible at night. Max C will be available in four different color editions- Candy Pink, Jade Green, Carbon Black, and Ocean Blue.

A perfect combination of innovative technology, powerful performance, durable built and enhanced safety, Max C is a dream skateboard for people who love skateboarding. People who want to know more about Max C can visit the official website of Maxfind and can also register themselves on the website to stay updated with the launch related updates.

Source: Maxfind

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