The US Online Privacy War: PureVPN Takes on Broadband Privacy

In light of the US Senates attempt to sell consumer internet privacy to the highest bidders, PureVPN introduces an all new tool to help consumers reclaim their online privacy.

PureVPN Extension for Chrome

The US Senate recently voted to overturn internet privacy rules that once protected consumer’s personal information. Eliminating the Obama-era online privacy rules, the new policies will now authorize internet service providers to track user data and sell this information to the highest bidder, that too, without the user consent.

US Internet Users Are Concerned About Their Privacy

With people realizing their fundamental rights to internet freedom and privacy, the team at PureVPN knew a solution was needed - today,

Uzair Gadit, Co-Founder, PureVPN

As the news about the passing of the internet privacy bill broke, PureVPN witnessed a substantial increase in traffic on their website, with internet users looking for answers to their privacy-related concerns and queries. The controversial bill has sparked serious concerns about online privacy among users, with many looking for an effective way to keep their online privacy intact.

“With people realizing their fundamental rights to internet freedom and privacy, the team at PureVPN knew a solution was needed – today,” said Uzair Gadit, Co-Founder of PureVPN.

PureVPN Extension for Chrome – Simple. Easy. Fast.

To help internet users combat the issue of maintaining user anonymity in the simplest way possible, PureVPN launched its Chrome Extension to help internet users get instant protection for their Chrome browsers. It offers superior VPN speeds and unmatched privacy, anonymity, and accessibility, making it an essential tool for internet users who want to improve their online privacy. The launch of the PureVPN Extension effectively makes PureVPN the first VPN service provider to dive into the realm of simple and easy-to-use browser extensions.

How to Get the PureVPN Extension

While the extension is free to download, users will need a premium PureVPN account to sign in and take advantage of the array of features the extension offers. The extension can be downloaded from the official Chrome Web Store, and the premium account can be bought at PureVPN’s website.

About PureVPN:

Founded in 2007, PureVPN is a leading global VPN service boasting more than 750 servers placed in more than 180 cities. It has a growing community of over 2.5 million users and offers an extensive range of features accessible through its apps. The VPN provider has a stellar reputation for providing unrivaled internet freedom, be it from anywhere in the world.

Source: PureVPN

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