PureVPN Expands Server Infrastructure to Overcome Recent Cyber Threats

Amidst a growing concern of Cyber Threats, and a US administration that is yet to acquire the trust of its people, consumers are flocking to protect their digital lives. A part of the ongoing need for virtual private networking, PureVPN has increased its network to 750+ servers.

PureVPN recently announced the expansion of its global network of VPN servers. The server count now stands at 750+, hosted in 140+ countries. The approximate 200 recently added servers all support speeds of up to 1 GBPS and are armed with cutting-edge technology for encryption and firewalls to restrict incoming threats from reaching a user’s device.

The recent addition of servers was specifically hosted in a mix of countries, including Austria, United States – Washington, D.C., United States – Illinois, Nigeria, New Zealand, Sweden, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia. The reason behind selecting these countries is to help internet users successfully combat the ever-increasing cyber threats and help them discover an unrestricted internet.

The recent expansion comes at the back of a massive increase in user interest, particularly from the US region over the past couple of months. Many leading research agencies have also reported the peaking interest of internet users looking to solidify their online presence via premium online security solutions.  

It’s worth nothing that the increased interest has come immediately after the recent elections and the change of presidency in the US. Donald Trump’s particular views on personal privacy of internet users – as expressed by him during his election campaign – resulted in a media storm, but recent news, which quotes the ex-NSA chief, has also made headlines. The chief was quoted saying

“That's the president our nation needs...”

This expansion makes PureVPN the second-largest VPN service provider in the world, with dedicated servers for file sharing, streaming, and downloading. Packed with the latest features, both security and otherwise, the servers play the all-important role of keeping PureVPN’s users anonymous and private at all times, regardless of where they are located.

About PureVPN:
PureVPN is a global name in the VPN business with its huge network of 750+ servers installed across 140+ countries. PureVPN provides its users with security against hackers, data-snoopers, unauthorized surveillance, DDoS attacks, IP leaks and more.
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Source: PureVPN