Bad Ad Johnny - Ad Blocking With NO ACCEPTABLE ADS

Bad Ad Johnny is a free, one of a kind, adblocker for Chrome. It offers a refreshingly unique UI with the ability to stop ads, malware and trackers independently or all at once. With Bad Ad Johnny, you are free to browse the internet knowing you are safe and ad-free!

Before and after Bad Ad Johnny

Witty, narcissistic, and borderline rude. This is Bad Ad Johnny – the free ad-blocker with a personality, by PureVPN.

What is Bad Ad Johnny?

While Bad Ad Johnny goes to show our complete commitment to online privacy and security, it also showcases our drive for innovation. We have taken a lifeless industry and turned it around by making it relate-able to the modern internet user.

Uzair Gadit, Co Founder

Bad Ad Johnny, a free chrome extension, blocks online ads, trackers, and malware, and it does so in an entertaining way. No plain white screens and check boxes, no ghastly HTML, and no technical jargon. Visit Bad Ad Johnny’s Twitter account and go through his story on the Bad Ad Johnny website to appreciate the fact that he is, indeed the "only ad blocker with a personality".

Bad Ad Johnny Features 

Unlike other free ad-blockers for chrome, Bad Ad Johnny does not have an “acceptable ads” policy and neither does it hold any user data. This translates into a 100% assurance that Bad Ad Johnny has not entered into any deals with any publishers, will not allow ads to pass its filters, or breach your trust. Since no data is collected, no data is sold.

The extension provides protection from ads, actively fights malware and restricts spy-ware from monitoring you. The three features can be used independently or all together to provide a complete security solution. Bad Ad Johnny is backed by PureVPN and developed by seasoned online security and privacy experts. This makes Bad Ad Johnny especially skilled at identifying and fending-off all kinds of online trackers, malware, ads and spy-ware, without compromising on user experience in any way.


The Bad Ad Johnny extension is completely free to use and is available to all Google Chrome users. The extension can be downloaded and installed on Google Chrome. Those wishing to use the extension can get it now from Google Chrome's web store.

About PureVPN

PureVPN is a global name in the VPN industry with a server infrastructure of 550+ servers installed across 140+ countries. PureVPN provides its users with security against hackers, data-snoopers, unauthorized surveillance, DDoS attacks, IP leaks and more.

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