The Secret Behind Quality Window Tinting Revealed - Dr. Window Tint Shares Its Success

Announcing the secret recipe for successful quality window tinting - a unique seven-step process designed to ensure the removal of the vast majority of the mounting- solution used during the installation of Window Tinting, or Security Window Tinting Film from Dr. Window Tint.

Dr Window Tint

Dr. Window Tint has discovered the secret to delivering high-quality and durable window tinting. The secret consists of a seven-step process: clean, install, pause, squeegee, pause, squeegee, inspect. The two pauses are crucial in ensuring that the mounting solution has the opportunity to pool together underneath the film, making the removal of such liquid much easier This formula is used in all the tinting processes including commercial window tintingwindow tinting for your home and car window tinting, and window tinting for your boat.

The success of Dr. Window’s excellent work cannot be understated. Security window tinting has had a massive effect in curbing crime-related injuries. One of the success stories involves Publix Supermarkets, who had recently had the clearsteel system installed in many of its stores. The security tinting film prevented numerous break-in attempts, including on a specific occasion where a shotgun blast failed to penetrate the glass of the store window, giving the robbers a surprise and causing them to abandon their plans to rob the store.

"Someone could have easily been killed if not for the installation of that security tinting film on the doors of our Publix Supermarket"

Representative Fyffe, of Publix Supermarkets

Another success story is that of a Colombian car bomb which exploded on the street in downtown Bogota. The people in a nearby government building, which had recently opted for security tinting film by Solar Control(R), were free of injury save for one lady who was hit by an entire window assembly held together by the film. Sadly, there were many deaths due to thrashing glass in the other nearby buildings who had not opted for a security film tinting system. Quality window tinting not only offers security benefits. but It has also prevented the spread of raging fire in a skyscraper. Window tinting film can also offer protection from harmful UV rays in your home and in your car.

Source: Dr. Window Tint

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Dr. Window Tint installs window tinting on cars, houses, businesses, and boats using a unique 7-step process to insure a top quality job every time. With 35 years of experience, our work can be found across the globe.

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