Doctor Window Tint® Helps Businesses in South Florida Become LEED Certified With Solar Control Brand® Commercial Window Film

On a quest to make a business ecologically sound? Solar Control® brand window film aims to conserve energy while keeping buildings architecturally attractive. Going green doesn't have to be a struggle. Doctor Window Tint's latest window film can help businesses gain extra credits for LEED certification.

Solar Control Brand Window Film by Doctor Window Tint

Green consciousness has become the order of the day. With everyone working to become more eco-friendly, the construction and building industry continue to better its practices to make sustainability a priority. To gain true “green status,” businesses will need to obtain LEED certification through the U.S. Green Building Council.

LEED, or Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design, is the standard rating system within the industry used to measure how "green" a building is. To receive LEED certification, a commercial building must obtain a certain amount of credits. Several factors are taken into consideration when rating a structure, including whether the site shows sustainability and if there is evidence of water conservation.

Other criteria include looking into the levels of energy consumption and its effect on the atmosphere. What type of materials and resources were used during construction and what is the quality of the interior of the building from an environmental perspective? Does the building show innovative green design?

This can seem daunting to businesses looking into the LEED process, but with the correct professional help, it doesn’t need to be. Solar Control® brand window films are the undefeated champion when it comes to energy savings and safety. Whether it's tweaking an existing structure to become more eco-friendly or building new from the ground up, LEED certification is within reach. With the latest commercial window film treatment by Solar Control® brand window film, efforts to go green will be rewarded with added points when it's installed by professionals like Doctor Window Tint®.

Solar Control’s commercial window film are technologically advanced with an innovative design. It reduces a building's energy consumption by regulating interior temperatures. This specific tinted film also improves indoor environmental atmosphere thanks to a protective film that shields from harmful UV rays.

“As exclusive installers of the Solar Control® brand, we're able to service the commercial and residential needs of our clients with the best security window film around. If you’re looking to go green and want to get that extra nine points added to your LEED accreditation, we can help you get it,” says Lewis Chisholm, owner and CEO of Doctor Window Tint®.

Allow Doctor Window Tint® to help navigate through the LEED certification process and increase the building’s environmental sustainability through innovative design today.

Doctor Window Tint® is the exclusive installer of Solar Control® brand window tinting film and makes every attempt to separate itself from the competition through quality and customer satisfaction. Call or text (305) 827-8468 for a quote.

Source: Doctor Window Tint