Smart Window Film Now Available in South Florida

Doctor Window Tint is proud to announce the latest offering that is at the forefront of innovation and technological advancements in the window tinting industry. Smart Window Film is here, and Doctor Window Tint can provide this astounding new development to all clients in South Florida.

Smart Window Film Comes To South Florida

Introducing Smart Window Film, a new way of controlling privacy, whether at home or at work. Say goodbye to big curtain panels, finicky blinds, shades, and bulky draperies, and say hello to instant window coverage with the flick of a switch or the click of a button on your smart device. From clear to opaque in an instant. No more wasting energy and time doing it manually, when technology can do it all.

This innovation is a real game changer in the window tinting industry. It is sure to catch on throughout the world, and to have it available in South Florida, means that residents can tap into future trends, right now.

The magic happens when windows, which are covered with smart film, are linked to electronic currents. These currents are then connected to a smart phone allowing owners the ability to control indoor and outdoor visibility with ease. Privacy at the touch of a button or the wave of a hand.

What makes this breakthrough technology even better, is that this moisture resistant film offers more than just two settings of opaque and clear. Smart Film allows for optimal personalization. The controller can dim the windows as much or a little as he or she sees fit. Which makes this specific Smart Window Film super functional for a variety of day to day needs. It also means cleaner lines and a more minimalist feel for those who like simpler décor and designs. It can also help for practical reasons, if clients work or live in tiny spaces, it doesn’t take up additional room and will make aid in creating a wider feel.

“Smart Window Film is an incredible innovation that is fast becoming the way of the future. We are proud to offer this product to all clients, and stand by our customer convenience standards. As a mobile service, we come to your home or work place. You don’t have to make any added effort to get to us. We are all about offering our clients impeccable services at cost effective prices. From onsite quoting to installations, we do it all and we do it well," says Lewis Chisholm, Founder and Owner of Doctor Window Tint®.

Simply put, Doctor Window Tint is the only choice for clients looking to better window coverage options. Not only the reputable mobile tinting company offering this state-of-the-art smart window film technology to its clients, but also provide expert service and support in all other aspects of window film and tint such as security window film and  residential window film. With Doctor Window Tint, quality is king and customer convenience is key.

Doctor Window Tint® is the exclusive installer of Solar Control® brand window tinting film and make every attempt to separate itself from the competition through quality and customer convenience and satisfaction. Call or text (305) 827-8468 for a quote.

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