The Only True Production Braille Printer Gets an Industry Leading Warranty

The Most Trusted Name in Braille Production Now Gives Customers The Industry's Most Comprehensive Warranty

For over 30 years, governments, institutions and businesses have chosen Braillo because of their true production Braille capabilities, unmatched quality and reliability. 

We are proud to announce that effective January 1st, 2017, all new Braillo embossers will come with a 3 year warranty – the longest in the industry.  For all Braillo models, this standard warranty covers every embosser component from the date of delivery throughout the first three years, or up to 8,000 hours of use – whichever comes first.  To put 3 years of Braille embossing into perspective, this warranty coverage equates to 7.2 – 15.6 million printed Braille pages depending on embosser model.  Our customers can count on high speed, superior quality and true Braille production with the security of a 3 year warranty.

As Patrick Nunnelly, Managing Director of Braillo states, "No other manufacturer can offer a warranty like this, because there isn't another Braille embosser built like this. Braillo's are built to last and are manufactured specifically to handle the heavy demands of Braille production. We have countless Braillo's still being used from late 1980's, which is an amazing testament to our products. This new warranty further emphasizes the confidence we have in our Braille embossers and our unwavering commitment to our customers."

Patrick Nunnelly, Managing Director Braillo

For all printers purchased in 2016, Braillo will offer the 3rd year of warranty at no extra cost.  And for our customers who purchased a Braillo in 2015, we will provide an extra 6 months of warranty at no extra cost.   

In addition to our 3 year warranty, Braillo, and our distributors, offer tailored warranty extensions and maintenance contracts to ensure your Braillo Braille embossers are operating at the highest possible levels throughout their long lifespan.

Please contact Braillo, or your local Braillo distributor, for further information.

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For over 30 years, Braillo has been the industry leader in true production Braille embossers. Our embosser construction and its Braille quality are simply unmatched.

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