Braillo Continues Innovating With the 600 SR2, 650 SW2 and 650 SF2

The tradition of delivering quality, dependability and performance through innovation continues with the updated Braillo 600 SR2, 650 SW2 and 650 SF2 braille embossers.

Braillo 650 SW2 True Production Embosser

​​​For over 40 years, Braillo has earned the reputation of manufacturing the highest-quality production braille printers available. In 2016, Braillo introduced the S2 line of embossers, starting with the Braillo 300 S2, which is the lowest-priced production braille embosser on the market. In 2019, Braillo introduced the 600 S2, which is the world’s fastest desktop braille embosser that offers the ability to scale as a customer's business grows. 

Braillo has not stopped innovating and improving and is excited to introduce its most recent embossers: 600 SR2, 650 SW2 and 650 SF2.  These three braille embossers have been thoughtfully redesigned, and they are the most advanced, dependable and easy-to-operate production braille embossers ever made. 

These Braillo embossers are unique because they use braille paper rolls, which is ideal for high-speed and continuous braille production. Using rolls limits the downtime associated with the need to frequently refill paper trays or boxes of paper. It also minimizes the amount of labor associated with stacking and binding braille output, thus allowing the operator to perform other tasks while the paper conveyors collect up to 1,000 sheets (2,000-4,000 embossed braille pages). 

These braille embossers were re-engineered with the customer, performance and profits in mind. The new case and internal component layout allow for easy access and quick servicing. Controls and conveyor belts are at optimal ergonomic locations. External cables connecting the components are tightly tucked away, reducing the risk of damaging them and making for a safer work environment. Safety sensors located throughout the system ensure the paper is feeding, cutting and stacking correctly. Electronics have been updated to include Wi-Fi printing with easy network setup. These are just a few of the many improvements made to the updated Braillo embossers. Individually, these upgrades may seem minor, but as a whole, each Braillo has become a highly refined true production braille printer you can trust to help grow your business. As always, Braillo produces world-class braille and is the only embosser that produces a .5mm braille dot height, which is compliant with many government standards around the globe. 

Patrick N. Nunnelly, Managing Director of Braillo, stated, “Braillo has always been, and always will be, the industry leader in production braille – there is simply no other company that can match the level of ingenuity, development and execution of braille embossers like Braillo does. There’s a reason why these embossers are trusted at nearly all braille production facilities – they work as advertised and they produce the world’s best braille. We have listened to the feedback from our customers, our distributors, as well as our development team, and created the industry’s most dependable and feature-rich braille embossers with the introduction of the SR2, SW2 and SF2.”

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For over 30 years, Braillo has been the industry leader in true production Braille embossers. Our embosser construction and its Braille quality are simply unmatched.

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