Braillo Offers the World's Fastest Desktop Braille Embosser

The Braillo 600 S2 Offers Speed and the Ability to Grow as Business Grows

Braillo 600 S2

Braillo is proud to offer the world’s fastest desktop braille embosser. With the introduction of the 600 S2, customers without the luxury of space now have the ability to produce the world’s highest-quality braille from the world’s fastest desktop braille embosser.

The Braillo 600 S2 is the faster, more robust counterpart to the Braillo 300 and 450 S2 embossers. Embossing at 600 CPS (1,800 pages per hour), not only is it fast, but it offers remarkable dot quality and dependability. The combination of speed, reliability and quietness are the reasons why the 600 S2 and the entire lineup of Braillo embossers are used across the world by the largest braille production facilities.

Efficient Design. The Braillo 600 S2 has been designed and built for high production volumes that customers demand. This embosser is specifically designed and built with more substantial components necessary to handle the increased speed and braille production operating requirements. This extremely heavy-duty construction allows for continuous high-speed braille production while maintaining optimal braille quality. As braille production needs increase, the Braillo 600 S2 has been specifically built to meet the customer's needs and exceed their expectations.

Flexibility to Grow. Unique to the 600 S2, and all braille embossers, is that it is built upon a chassis that can be upgraded to a Brallo 600 SR as a customer’s braille production needs expand. Upgrading to a 600 SR enables customers to introduce paper rolls and a paper stacker into their production line. Using paper rolls reduces paper expenses and eliminates the need for a burster and its operator. Each paper roll yields roughly 15,000 Braille sheets (30,000 interpoint pages) – simply stated, they will be able to run at full production 1 roll/day without having to load paper into the embosser.

As Managing Director Patrick N. Nunnelly states, “The introduction of the 600 S2, and making it upgradeable to a larger roll-fed embosser, emphasizes how Braillo is focused on providing leading braille embosser options and solutions for all customers – there is a true production braille embosser for all budgets. While any embosser purchase is a big one, with Braillo’s proven track record and ability to grow as you grow, it will likely be the only embosser you will ever need to purchase and can take you from business start-up to full-scale production facility.”

For more information on the entire line of Braillo braille printers, visit or contact a local Braillo distributor.  

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