The Newest Series on Amazon Premiers This Friday; but Will It Hit Its Mark?

The newest series 'Back Stabber' premieres on Amazon this Friday, and with major hype surrounding it for over a year now, viewers are wondering if it will live up to its expectations or go down as a floozie.

​With its red carpet premiere taking place on June 23rd in LA, the new Amazon series 'Back Stabber' will be available for streaming this Friday June 24th. When the development of the show was first  announced last November, it became the #1 most popular series overnight. However, even with an extraordinary story behind the new Amazon series, the inspiring journey  doesn’t necessarily guarantee it success among viewers.

Releasing a few ‘exclusive’ clips to the shows followers on social media over the past few weeks, fans seem to be engaging positively with the show. However, mixed reviews of the show have surfaced over the last year, with one critic saying, "it can be the new gossip girl... if they can fix their definite markings or flaws relative to their lack of a bigger budget.” 

Despite having no funding or sponsors for the production of the show, the producers commented, “We actually made it for under $2,000. Nobody wanted to fund the show, or produce it, so we went ahead and did everything ourselves; from camera, to audio, to special FX, editing, sound engineering etc. And one thing most people don't realize, is that Amazon did not fund the show, we did. We are just an independent production being released on Amazon, besides that we have no affiliation with them, actually they passed on producing it".

Yet according to an article by Broadway World , ‘Back Stabber’, despite its much lower production value, is said to be the newest rival for Netflix [NFLX] and its original series ‘House of Cards’.

Rated PG-13, the shows trailer projects high drama, suspense, and a trail of mystery for Season 1. Available exclusively on Amazon this Friday, June 24th, and free with amazon prime, the show will officially premiere after a year of production. 

Once the show is finally released, the question everyone is waiting for will be answered; did it live up to its fans eager expectations, or did it 'back stab' them with a total flop. 

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