The KC Standard Recognizes Outstanding HR Director

The KC Standard's President highlighted Christina, the firm's HR Director, for her excellent performance. She also outlined a few strategies for developing leaders from within.

Recognition is a hallmark of The KC Standard’s company ethos. The firm’s President noted that Christina is the latest standout performer to be highlighted due to her strong work ethic and passion for the on-site sales promotions industry. She added that Christina sets an ideal example for her teammates by bringing a positive attitude into every new challenge.

The President continued, “Christina has been one of the top five recruiters in the country for the last five months in a row. She has been training other offices and managing a handful of people. When she isn’t tending to the members of our team, Christina is a mother of three and a musician in two bands!”

Christina maintains her status as a top-flight HR Director by being accountable day in and day out. The firm’s President explained that Christina keeps a close eye not only on her own objectives, but those of her colleagues as well. She makes herself available whenever a teammate needs help, setting a selfless example that leads to stronger collaboration.

The KC Standard’s President on Building Effective Leaders From Within 

Developing strong leaders is a focal point of The KC Standard’s training system. The firm’s President explained that taking people from the entry level to management is important because it represents a talent pipeline. Helping team members progress to leadership roles ensures that a company maintains solid footing over the long haul.

Exposing everyone to the big picture of the on-site sales promotions industry is one way company leaders position them for advancement. The President noted that by outlining clear promotion tracks from people’s first days on the job, fledgling brand experts can create effective plans for career growth. Traveling to leadership conferences and other big events also allows team members to get a glimpse of what’s possible in their corner of the business world.

Coaching is another vital element of The KC Standard’s approach to leadership development. New hires get matched up with seasoned brand experts right off the bat so they can learn all aspects of the firm’s operations. As they move along in their careers, team members are encouraged to ask for input from top leaders of all kinds. At conferences, retreats, and networking events, the company’s potential leaders gather insights to propel their professional journeys. From inside the office and from all corners of the industry, mentorship helps team members refine their leadership skills.

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