The KC Standard Extends Into New Regions

The KC Standard's President discussed two recent expansion efforts and the team members leading them. She also outlined the commitment to goal setting that propels the company's ongoing growth.

Two growth ventures have taken The KC Standard into Winterville, North Carolina and Jacksonville, Florida. The firm’s President stated that these new regions represent the wide-ranging demand for the company’s innovative on-site sales promotions. There’s a lot of excitement in the home office as The KC Standard’s reputation as a forward-looking promotional leader continues to grow.

Ashley is spearheading the Winterville expansion, while Cheyanne is leading the Jacksonville venture. The company’s President explained that both these ladies have persevered through the intense and rewarding The KC Standard management-in-training program and are now reaping the benefits of their hard work. Both these dynamic young leaders have excelled in Kansas City, so company leaders are excited to see what they accomplish in their new territories. 

These new offices will create more opportunities for people to join Team The KC Standard. Those who come aboard will have chances to excel thanks to the firm’s in-depth training system. Like Ashely and Cheyanne, incoming brand managers will also be able to take advantage of the management-in-training program and potentially lead their own expansions in the future.

The KC Standard’s President Discusses the Firm’s Emphasis on Setting Ambitious Goals

Opening operations in Winterville and Jacksonville are just the latest examples of The KC Standard’s larger commitment to embracing challenges. The firm’s President explained that team members are encouraged to push beyond their current skill sets and raise the bar higher with every achievement. This is the same mind-set that turns the company’s expansion ventures into rousing successes. 

A SMART approach to setting goals is a key part of the firm’s continuing growth. Making sure objectives are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-sensitive allows team members to quickly close in on personal and professional aspirations that align with larger company aims. Following the SMART protocol ensures team members stay motivated right through to successful outcomes.

Company leaders use the same acronym when it comes to their larger goals for expansion. Knowing exactly which markets they want to enter by when has led to opening the Winterville and Jacksonville territories. The firm’s President noted that there are new markets already targeted for future endeavors. She’s excited to watch brand managers grow into leadership roles so they can be tapped to lead ventures in the next wave of fresh territories.

About The KC Standard:
The KC Standard is a leader in event-based marketing solutions that help brands capture customer attention in crowded market environments. Each campaign is bold, smart, and gets to the core of what matters to buyers – personalized buying experiences with riveting stories. The team members share a genius for communicating with clarity and enthusiasm to transform products into recognized names. They gain unsurpassed results by combining ingenuity with rock-solid strategy and following roads less traveled. Learn more about their approach at

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