The KC Standard Celebrates 2018 Success, Plans for 2019

The KC Standard's President detailed some of the firm's biggest accomplishments of 2018 and plans for the year to come. She also outlined a few goal-setting strategies being employed by her team.

As the year draws to a close, The KC Standard brand strategists are taking time to reflect on their 2018 accomplishments. The firm’s President explained that doing so helps team members plan for an even more successful 2019. Highlighting the biggest wins of the past year also demonstrates the growth and opportunity available to potential hires.

The President stated, “Some of our team’s biggest 2018 achievements include launching a new partnership and Brittany’s promotion to market manager.” She added that Brittany worked closely with her office in Omaha to launch campaigns on behalf of new brands. Overall, it has been a year marked by business expansion and professional development.

"We're looking toward 2019 with some of the following goals: Opening five to 10 new offices, expanding partnerships, and, lastly, to take over the world."


In 2019, the firm’s President has lofty goals for further growth. She remarked, “We’re looking toward 2019 with some of the following goals: Opening five to 10 new offices, expanding partnerships, and, lastly, to take over the world.” Although certainly a tongue-in-cheek aspiration, the confidence members of Team The KC Standard have developed throughout the past year means big things are certainly possible.

The KC Standard’s President Highlights Effective Goal-Setting Strategies

By celebrating their 2018 victories, The KC Standard brand strategists are well on their way to putting the right kinds of goals in place for 2019. Thinking about what went well builds confidence and points the way toward more success in the year to come. Team members aren’t only considering the winning results, though. The President noted that the firm’s promotional specialists are also pondering the near misses to find productive lessons within them. Constant improvement is at the heart of the firm’s culture, so identifying ways to learn from unexpected outcomes is something team members take seriously.

The firm’s brand strategists are also making sure their 2019 goals are as specific and measurable as they can be. With clear endpoints in mind, they will be well-equipped to put the right action steps in place and follow them to successful outcomes. The President explained that well-defined objectives are more likely to be measurable ones. Team members will be able to monitor their progress and adjust their efforts as needed. Clear aims with measurable results add up to greater accountability, which fuels success in the long run.

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