The KC Standard is Boosting Its Reach Through Expansion

The KC Standard's President discussed the firm's current expansion effort and the team members leading the charge. She also outlined a few benefits of stretching into new markets.

There’s excitement in the air around The KC Standard headquarters, as two expansion efforts get underway. The firm’s President explained that Jacksonville, Florida and Winterville, North Carolina will soon have offices up and running. These ventures are the latest signs that demand is growing for the company’s unique brand of on-site sales promotions. 

The President added that Cheyanne will be spearheading the Jacksonville expansion, while Ashley will be opening the Winterville office. For her part, Cheyanne stated, “Knowing that I made it through the training program and can show others the kinds of growth opportunities that exist is exciting. I look forward to helping others grow their skill sets and potentially achieve what I’ve achieved.” The President noted that she has full confidence in both Cheyanne and Ashley excelling in their new roles and territories.

The KC Standard’s President on the Benefits of Expanding Into New Markets

Expanding into new markets does many good things for a company, including helping it stay relevant in a competitive marketplace. The firm’s President explained that The KC Standard is serving notice to customers in its current territories that there’s a bright future ahead. She also stated that her team members never rest on their laurels, so they’re prepared to take the success they achieve in Jacksonville and Winterville and convert it into further expansions.

Reaching fresh customers is perhaps the most obvious and immediate benefit of business expansion. The firm’s President is confident that The KC Standard’s new locations will be game changers for promoted brands because they will extend to new demographics. She explained that the markets were strategically chosen to expand the firm’s voice in areas that are growing rapidly.

It’s also easier to attract top talent when a company is making news through expansion. The President noted that the brightest candidates want to know a potential employer is invested in ongoing growth, both for team members and for the company as a whole. With more expansion on the horizon, The KC Standard promises to be an attractive destination for people who want to pursue rewarding careers. Those who join the team receive wide-ranging options for ongoing education. The President stated that there’s always something to learn and new ground to cover, and this mind-set ensures high levels of engagement around the office.

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The KC Standard is a leader in event-based marketing solutions that help brands capture customer attention in crowded market environments. Each campaign is bold, smart, and gets to the core of what matters to buyers – personalized buying experiences with riveting stories. The team members share a genius for communicating with clarity and enthusiasm to transform products into recognized names. They gain unsurpassed results by combining ingenuity with rock-solid strategy and following roads less traveled. Learn more about their approach at

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