The KC Standard: A Frontrunner for Community Change

In addition to their core business activities, The KC Standard's team is committed to charitable impact. The firm's President discussed their latest giving effort and the organization it benefitted.

“When it comes to making a difference, we stay active throughout the year,” said the President of The KC Standard. “Throughout the month of May, for instance, we supported SteppingStone. In fact, we did not just one but two drives for this essential group. Our team donated clothing, houseware items, and other necessary supplies.”

According to the company President, the idea behind SteppingStone is to give underserved families a place to live and help them get back on their feet. The nonprofit also helps those individuals find jobs so they can provide for themselves and their loved ones. There is a sharp focus on youth as well, with transitional housing that helps teens and young adults become productive and independent.

“One of our team members has a personal connection to SteppingStone,” she added. “When the idea to organize two drives to benefit this cause came about, we know it was the right place to support. We’re a close-knit bunch, and when we can band together to do something that any of us finds meaningful, we do it without question.”

The KC Standard President Reviews the Cultural Impact of Charitable Action

The KC Standard President continued by elaborating on the business benefits of giving. For instance, research indicates that companies with philanthropic pledges typically enjoy high rates of team loyalty and retention. Just as consumers want to invest in businesses involved with charity, ambitious professionals want to work for them. Millennials in particular are driven to make a difference.

“Giveback is perfect for relationship building too,” she stated. “It gives us opportunity to spend time away from our daily activities. We get to focus on one another a bit more as we indulge in different types of projects. Whether we use our professional skills to raise awareness of a worthy cause, get physical for a hands-on volunteer effort, or make memories in a fundraiser, everyone from The KC Standard grows closer.”

“The impact of charitable work is deeply entrenched in our office culture,” concluded the firm’s President. “It’s one of the reasons we’re consistently motivated and focused. Giving elevates our organization as much as it elevates the community. Our work with SteppingStone was a big success, and we’re already looking forward to our next philanthropic effort. Stay tuned!”

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