Reports the Fight for the Sixty-Seven Thousand Dollar Mutt

The Supreme Court of Georgia has the difficult task of deciding exactly how much an Atlanta family is entitled to of the $67,000 they are suing for after their beloved rescue, Lola, passed away due to alleged negligence on behalf Barking Hound Village kennel. The Monyak Family checked in their two family dogs, Lola and Callie, into the local kennel before going on vacation, along with Callie’s anti-inflammatory arthritis medication, Rimadyl. After returning, the Monyak Family noticed Lola was sick, and she was later diagnosed with acute renal failure. Nine months, and $67,000 worth of medical treatments later, Lola died. Now, Georgia courts have to decide whether to enforce the Monyak Family’s attempt to recover the $67,000 they had to pay to treat Lola, claiming Lola was mistakenly given Callie’s medicine, or to side with the Barking Hound Village kennel’s claim that, according to state law, Lola was just property, and the Monyak Family should only be reimbursed for her value as property, which is nothing.

For more information about the Monyak Family’s struggle to recover from the loss of their furry family member, go to to read the article, learn more, and get involved in the discussion.

"Our position is a dog is not fungible. It's not like you throw it in the trash can and get another dog. We didn't want another 8-year-old dachshund. We wanted Lola."

Elizabeth Monyak, Pet Owner

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