Reports: Congress Elevates Bison to Bald Eagle Status

The House has voted to designate the bison as the national mammal of the United States. There has never been national status on any mammal and the bison will be the first. The House, prior to the vote, spoke of the significance of the bison, also known as the American buffalo, and its central ties to the many Native American Cultures. Bison were once a common fixture of the American Plains. Massive herds freely roamed the open land of unsettled North America, and were an integral part of indigenous Native life. Excessive hunting led to the near extinction of the bison in 1890, but hard work from conservation groups has allowed the bison population in North America to recover to acceptable levels.

The Senate will vote later this week on the bill, and then it will move to President Obama for his signature to pass this legislation into law. For more information on the bison’s promotion to national mammal status, to read the full article, or to get involved in the discussion, go to

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