The Energy Industry's Newest Marketplace, the Beachwood Helix, Launches AI Named HELEN

Oklahoma City-Based, is a free platform that connects today's energy buyers, sellers and vendors together using augmented intelligence.

Augmented Intelligence HELEN

The Beachwood Helix is a highly advanced networking site for the Energy Industry. Launching on the first of this year, is a place for everyone in the business of energy. The "Energy Industry" in its current form is defined as buyers, sellers, vendors and non-profit organizations of carbon-based energy (oil/coal, etc.) and renewable energy (solar/wind, etc.) both in the United States and globally.

The Helix is the centralized energy infrastructure of the extensive Beachwood network. Operating within the Helix is H.E.L.E.N. (or Helix Energy Location Environment Navigator).  HELEN is augmented intelligence designed to recognize datasets relayed by Helix Users on a neatly organized, secure webpage delivery system, that provides buyers with continuous deal flow, sellers with continuous deal activity and vendors with sales-referral introductions. The innovative augmented intelligence of HELEN has transformed Beachwood overnight, shattering expectations of the platform, as family offices, service companies and energy professionals join the site from all over the world.

How Does HELEN Work?

Within Beachwood, Strategic Portfolio Managers utilize HELEN to connect buyers and sellers together on the platform. By focusing on relational business development, HELEN continuously learns about both buyer and seller. To ensure greater success, engineers at Beachwood work with interested sellers to discuss the valuation of their assets. Using next-generation technical reservoir engineering software with transparent data-driven analysis, engineers and portfolio managers review key data points with sellers. Since its launch, hundreds of millions of dollars in offer letters have been delivered directly to interested sellers from buyers on the platform. 

HELEN scans the extensive Beachwood network to introduce Helix users that have discussed the needs for specific services to vendors of those services. Vendors pay a small monthly fee to advertise on the Helix, or a discounted yearly rate if they commit to advertising for a full year. After hiring the vendor, buyers and sellers can give the vendor a "Helix Recommendation Badge", which the vendor displays on their Helix Profile. The more badges a vendor has, the more referrals of good service other buyers and sellers can expect. Beachwood receives no additional funds from vendor services rendered, the goal is to create a healthy network of businesses all working together toward a common goal of business success. All non-profit organizations can advertise for free on the Helix. By providing users the continuous educational resources they request, the Beachwood Helix can play a role in strengthening the education of the entire energy industry.

Thanks to the Beachwood team of engineers and portfolio managers working together with the innovative augmented intelligence of HELEN, the energy industry is now able to develop business relationships faster than ever before.

Source: Beachwood