to Add 50 Jobs Nationwide

The Helix is a Technology-Driven, Sales-Referral World Designed for Closing Deals


The Beachwood Helix launched on Jan. 1 and is finalizing its first round of deal closings. Beachwood CEO Joshua Robbins is thrilled at the opportunity to build a nationwide team. "Beachwood is looking to add 50 jobs in locations all over the country," Mr. Robbins said in a Linkedin post. "As the world becomes more of a digital landscape, the ability to sell products is becoming more difficult because relationships built on trust are harder to create digitally. Within the Beachwood Helix, people are finding they can build relationships, win business, and sell assets, and do so quickly with the help of Beachwood's augmented intelligence and the unparalleled service of the Beachwood team."

With a general push towards the digitization of everything, more companies are losing out on business opportunities in energy because they are too far away from the development stage of projects. The Helix closes the gap between relational selling and early energy accessibility through digital community, connection, and opportunity.

How Does the Helix Work?

Beachwood brings executives of both carbon-based and renewable energy teams to the platform because the Helix uses specific parameters to locate deals, both on- and off-market, that fit the buyer's requests, regardless of the type of energy. Investors and energy teams from all over the world are looking for an easier way to acquire assets because energy asset deals are historically difficult to close in an auction; in many cases, the odds are greater than 45,000 to 1 to win an asset in a competitive bid setting. On the Helix, energy buyers get access to exclusive deals, delivered to their individual profile page. Working with Beachwood Engineers and Strategic Portfolio Managers in-person and virtually, buyers identify assets that fit within their target acquisition strategy. The Helix provides incredibly unique opportunities to close deals quickly and with minimal hassle.  

On the Helix, the closed deal is just the start. Most teams need vendors post-sale because optimization is key to faster returns on energy investments. Vendors pay a small monthly fee to list their services on the network so the augmented intelligence called HELEN (Helix Energy Location Environment Navigator) within the Helix can connect vendors to the new owner, to drill, optimize, design, or assist, depending on the buyer's needs.

The types of vendors on the Helix include:

  • Software as a Service
  • Legal services
  • Accounting
  • Land
  • Engineering
  • Environmental
  • Crypto mining
  • Drilling Services
  • Consultants

Adding 50 new jobs is just the start. Beachwood has its sights set on significant software buildouts that will enhance the user experience of the platform.  The company has plans to hire from the growing tech community in Oklahoma City for the buildouts.  After adding 96 high-profile energy companies as members of the platform in January, Beachwood is on the front lines of creating something amazing in a quickly evolving metaverse and web3 World: The Helix.

Source: The Beachwood Helix