The Energy Industry's Newest Marketplace, the Beachwood Helix, Hires Matthew LeBlanc as a Strategic Portfolio Manager launches on Jan. 1, 2022

Matthew LeBlanc

The Beachwood Helix, an energy marketplace where family offices and energy companies can discover custom energy deals, has hired Matthew LeBlanc as a Strategic Portfolio Manager. Designed to help companies buy and sell more, and faster, the Beachwood Helix is a highly advanced networking site for carbon and renewable energy buyers, sellers, vendors and non-profit organizations.

Matthew holds a Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in Business Law and a minor in Finance from the University of Central Oklahoma and an associate degree in Aviation Management from Baltimore County Community College.

Matthew started his career in business management in 2001, and successfully ran and developed several customer-focused niche businesses until 2012. To expand his management and operational skills, he transitioned to larger format businesses where he honed his skills in Sales, Logistics and Human Relations.

Matthew is an active member of the Knights of Columbus and Fraternus, a catholic youth group designed to help teenage boys learn how to be active in their communities and live their lives with purposeful integrity.

Matthew lives in Edmond Oklahoma with his wife and six children.

Beachwood is thrilled to welcome Matthew to our team.

About Beachwood Helix:

The Helix is a highly advanced networking site for both carbon and renewable energy buyers, sellers, vendors and non-profit organizations.

Buyers can discover custom energy deals using next-generation technical reservoir engineering software with transparent data-driven analysis to predict which deals match their buying targets. The Helix allows sellers to receive a no-cost valuation of their assets and the ability to sell their assets commission-free. In-network vendors can connect to both buyers and sellers, focusing on relational business development during the deal timeline. Non-profit organizations can connect to buyers and sellers to provide educational resources.

The Beachwood Helix site launches on Jan. 1, 2022. 

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