The Dallas Standard Focuses on Team Culture

The executives at The Dallas Standard have kicked off 2016 with a renewed focus on the company's team-based culture. The Director of Operations highlighted the benefits of team building.

​​The managers at The Dallas Standard understand that a commitment to team development and engagement is crucial to the company’s success. “We are constantly looking for ways to improve our company culture,” said Taylor, the Director of Operations. “We aim to attract, engage, and develop our associates. We want them to be part of our team for years to come.”

“We foster a team culture, so our work environment must reflect this philosophy,” said Taylor. “As a result, we have implemented an open office environment. “We want everyone to be involved in many of the decisions that are made,” she added. “Plus, an informal setting promotes collaboration and innovation. People are more inclined to assist each other.”

"We hire the best minds in the business,"

Taylor, Director of Operations

The company’s culture also emphasizes trust. “We hire the best minds in the business,” said the Director. “Therefore, it is our responsibility to let them do their thing. As a matter of fact, many of the individuals we hired out of school a couple of years ago are now leading their own teams. When you empower people, it’s amazing to see how much they can accomplish!”

“As team members, we constantly learn from each other, through our work and informal training sessions,” Taylor remarked. It’s not uncommon for small groups to gather during lunch for brief seminars on the latest topics. “We also encourage our associates to attend online classes or off-site training as needed,” she remarked.

The Dallas Standard Encourages Team Building

Taylor and the executives at The Dallas Standard realize an organization works best when its members know each other on a personal level. “Socializing on a regular basis strengthens the team,” said Taylor. “Plus, it allows everyone to relax and have fun.”

Managers at The Dallas Standard schedule a variety of events, ranging from team dinners to concerts and bowling nights. “We plan activities that span a range of interests,” said Taylor. “That way, people get to be themselves while they become comfortable with each other. Having a social calendar fosters a sense of community, which boosts morale.”

Taylor and the executive team know team culture is key to the company’s success. “At The Dallas Standard, we appreciate everything our associates do,” said Taylor. “This is why we strive to make our culture the best it can be. We intend to continue to invest in our people so they produce the results our customers and the industry have come to expect.”

About The Dallas Standard

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