The Dallas Standard Aims for 2016 Success

The executive team at The Dallas Standard has established aggressive goals for the New Year. The Director of Operations stressed the importance of leadership training.

“At The Dallas Standard, we are looking forward to an outstanding year,” said Taylor, the Director of Operations. “We have implemented a plan to exceed our targets while we enhance our team’s capabilities.”

The management team at The Dallas Standard understands the importance of a solid business strategy. “The most successful companies exceed their goals because they have plans in place,” she said. “Likewise, we are in a position to meet our customers’ needs while we bring in new business.  Our objectives reflect this approach, which is why we encourage our associates to innovate.”

"To maintain our leadership position in the industry, we have created an ambitious business plan,"

Taylor, Director of Operations

“To maintain our leadership position in the industry, we have created an ambitious business plan,” added the Director. The company’s goals have been broken down into individual objectives and milestones for each member of the organization. “This stepwise approach ensures we are aligned with our long-term strategy,” she added. “Everything we do contributes to our high-level plan, which also benefits the brands we represent.”

To help team members meet their goals, the management team has provided resources and tools to boost productivity. “Our associates have the opportunity to work with the latest technical and productivity tools to help them get their jobs done,” said Taylor. “In addition, we offer training and mentoring programs to help them develop their skills. Our people are our greatest investments, which continue to reap rewards.”

The Dallas Standard’s Director Emphasizes Leadership Training

Taylor and the management team understand that leadership skills are important elements of success at The Dallas Standard. “We expect great things from our leaders,” she said. “It’s more than managing projects and attending meetings. Here, our team members look to leaders as role models and sources of inspiration.”

Management has developed a specialized leadership training program for qualified individuals. “Our top performers are talented, driven individuals who have strong business acumen,” said Taylor. “At The Dallas Standard, we augment their skills so they can propel their teams to success.”

“Strong leadership also strengthens the team,” added the Director. “We work in a market that changes very quickly, so we need people who can manage change.” Leaders are encouraged to use their capabilities to assist team members through uncertain circumstances. “Leading is much more than showing someone how to do something,” she added. “It’s about encouraging people to exercise their potential.”

About The Dallas Standard

The Dallas Standard is a premier consulting and marketing services provider with a dedicated team of exceptional professionals. By applying in-depth market analysis and demographic research, their promotional experts infuse each interactive promotional campaign they produce with a customized feel. This approach leads to meaningful connections between companies and their ideal customers. The Dallas Standard has built a reputation as an industry leader by forming these connections while providing a high return on investment for a diverse portfolio of clients. Whether working with a small local start-up or Fortune 500 giant, The Dallas Standard delivers sustained growth to bottom lines and brand awareness.