The Dallas Standard Boasts a Customer Service Mind-Set

The director of operations at The Dallas Standard explained why customer service is a core component of business success. She also shared some time-tested service techniques.

“Quality customer service is obviously a huge part of any business’ success,” said Taylor, The Dallas Standard’s director of operations. “It keeps people connected by showing them they’re valued. We have customer-service training multiple times per year to ensure that our skills are sharp. However, we also take things a step further. We’ve woven the service mind-set into our culture.”

Taylor explained that growing competition in the world of business, along with increased use of technology to share and obtain information, makes it easy for people to lose sight of the value of old-fashioned customer care. The Dallas Standard’s team promotes this level of engagement through their in-person outreach campaigns, and successfully uses many conventional techniques to do so.

"When we practice our skills and implement them during our events, we start by getting to know people and empathizing with them,"

Taylor , Director of Operations

“When we practice our skills and implement them during our events, we start by getting to know people and empathizing with them,” Taylor stated. “By putting ourselves in their shoes and thinking like them, we can better serve them. My colleagues and I even promote this behavior within our team. The more we practice it behind the scenes, the more we do so elsewhere.”

The Dallas Standard Director Presents Timeless Customer Care Strategies

“There are some fundamental approaches we take to customer service at The Dallas Standard,” Taylor continued. “We begin by carefully hiring team members who genuinely enjoy working with people. They don’t just serve customers because they are paid to do so – they truly want to help people. Buyers know when they aren’t valued, and won’t hesitate to take their business elsewhere. We don’t let that happen.”

According to Taylor, the firm’s associates are also of the traditional attitude that the customer comes first. They practice this belief through warm smiles and bright greetings, friendly interactions, and sincere appreciation.

“Putting customers first is also a matter of stepping out of our own comforts zones,” Taylor concluded. The customers’ personal interests become ours, and that’s how we generate greater acquisition and retention rates. There’s a reason these techniques have stood the test of time – they work. In fact, I firmly believe they will never lose their value.”

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