Teamwork Innovation Comes to Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

Dr. Janice Presser explains the uses and value of Teamability® in a ministry setting. Teamability is a completely new technology that identifies how people team with others to overcome challenges and achieve team success.

The Gabriel Institute is based in Philadelphia, PA

Dr. Janice Presser, co-founder and CEO of The Gabriel Institute, introduced new elements of teaming in an all-day seminar at the Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary at the Charlotte, NC, Campus.

Professors Dr. Rodney Cooper and Dr. Mark DeYmaz hosted Dr. Presser’s workshop, a portion of which was presented by GCTS Doctorate student, Rev. Daryl King. The attendees, all candidates for a Doctor of Ministry (DMin) degree, are enrolled in the course entitled “Redemptive Leadership & Organizational Development in the Multiethnic Context,” focused on informing, forming, and transforming in order to fulfill the spiritual calling.

Dr. Presser’s mission was to explain essential concepts of a completely new technology – called Teamability – which applies concepts from physics and systems theory to the study of teaming dynamics. It identifies a person’s ‘gift’ for making meaningful team contributions, and other qualities of positive teaming. Through integrated management methods and Self-coaching, Team Analysis, and ‘Teamability Playbook’ reports, this technology is producing operational benefits within a wide range of business and institutional organizations.

Workshop attendees had the opportunity to experience and learn Teamability in the context of their own ministries, ranging from a church planter with a congregation of 20, to a congregation of 18,000 members and staff in excess of 100.

The attendees hailed from locations around the United States including Massachusetts, South Carolina, Illinois and California.

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The Gabriel Institute is the creator of Teamability®, a completely new 'technology of teaming' and integrated management methods. Launched in 2012, it has been used in 400+ organizations worldwide, producing a wide range of business benefits.

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