An Inspiring New Technology Generates and Sustains Team Spirit.

Church attendance continues to decline - especially amongst millennials; a 'technology of teaming' offers a chance to rebuild.

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It’s a fact: technology has not always been a friend of the Church. 

For all of its benefits, technology is also a distraction, an amplifier for troubling influences, and a competitor for time that might otherwise be spent in reflection, fellowship, and worship. Dr. Janice Presser, CEO of The Gabriel Institute (TGI), based in Philadelphia, believes that TeamSpirit® — a ‘technology of teaming’ — can re-invigorate communities of faith, by restoring the sense of fellowship, and of meaningful contribution, that have always been key motivators of regular church attendance.

Experiencing Teamability for myself has forever changed my sense of what it means to be a team player. It is deeply satisfying — even healing — to discover your own particular way of serving team needs, and how it harmonizes with other, different ways of teaming.

Whitney Johnson, Author, 'Disrupt Yourself: Putting the Power of Disruptive Innovation to Work

“Teamability, our core technology, was engineered to restore employee satisfaction and engagement, and to support leaders in creating positive team collaboration,” says Dr. Presser. “The secret is in aligning people with work that they find intrinsically meaningful.”

The new TeamSpirit® technology was born when Rev. Darryl King, a longtime friend of Dr. Presser’s, expressed interest in using Teamability to align churchgoers with church responsibilities and activities that would produce a more deeply-felt feeling of accomplishment.

As Pastor King describes it, “Believers are expected to use their gifts in service to the church. Stated another way, spiritual gifts are given with the expectation that their collective expressions define the church body. This second concept is teaming — and Teamability’s modes of team contribution align very closely with traditional Gifts of the Spirit.”

But before TeamSpirit becomes available, it has a big hurdle to cross: it can't be launched without a major technology overhaul, so TGI is seeking funding via the popular crowdfunding platform. As Dr. Presser points out, “Crowdfunding itself proves that people will happily do good in the world, when it makes them feel good!”

The campaign, "TeamSpirit: Discover Your True Spiritual Gift," continues on until Oct. 13, 2017.

Launched in 2012, Teamability® is delivering extraordinary benefits in business, institutional, and educational organizations of all sizes and kinds. For example:

            • In one of the nation’s largest integrated health insurance/health care providers, 80% of those who received Teamability reports and coaching reported significant reductions in workplace stress. 

            • Using Teamability information to guide new employee selection, a fast-growing company completely eliminated its longstanding 30% rate of new-hire turnover.

            • Student teams at Middle Tennessee State University were “more coherent in function” and team members were “more understanding of how their colleagues approached tasks, and how to apply that knowledge to achieve team objectives.” 

            • Teamability-based Team Analysis resolved dysfunctional team relationships in a post-merger company, producing dramatic and lasting improvements in internal teaming, as well as interactions with vendors and customers.

For information about The Gabriel Institute, Teamability, or TeamSpirit, call TGI at 215.825.2500 or send an email to

Source: The Gabriel Institute


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