'Teaming Technology' Makes Philly Internships Fun

Interns from all over the world are finding extraordinary value in their internships at The Gabriel Institute.

Teamability is the new technology that measures and predicts the different ways people make team contributions.

The Gabriel Institute, creators of Teamability® have a new Summer Internship Program underway. This unique program is creating highly beneficial experiences for students, by giving them opportunities tailored to their innate mode of team contribution.  

Prospective interns are given the opportunity of discovering their ‘Role’ via the online Teamability exercise, which identifies and organizes information about the different ways people seek to make meaningful team contributions. As a result, each and every intern can do work that feels satisfying and substantial. In a world where workplace surveys repeatedly show that only about 30% of U.S. employees are positively engaged in their work, this technology offers a potential solution.​

Teamability, which was commercially launched in 2012, uses concepts from physics and systems theory to predict team performance. The results serve as a guide to the selection, motivation, and management of team members. The technology has delivered business value for 400+ organizations. For example, at Preferred Sands, an enterprise in the mining industry, the new-hire turnover rate was reduced from 30% to 0% virtually overnight.

TGI uses its technology internally, too. Three former interns were subsequently hired as full-time employees, including the company’s current Client Services Manager, Meaghan Unterburger, who was a TGI intern in 2010. “We have a wonderful group of interns at TGI this summer,” says Meaghan, “and this is a direct result of using Teamability to align each intern’s style of teaming with the work that they do.”

TGI’s internship program was recently revamped, and now offers internships in social media/communications, business operations, and business development. Interns have come from as far away as South America, Europe, and Southeast Asia to gain experience in a real-world business environment that offers truly positive teamwork.

Students who are interested in interning at TGI can visit: https://www.thegabrielinstitute.com/internships-at-tgi or email intern@thegabrieinstitute.com.

Contact: Tess Johnson, TGI Communications Team, PR@thegabrielinstitute.com

The Gabriel Institute 1617 JFK Boulevard, Suite 1040, Philadelphia PA 19103 215.825.2500. http://www.thegabrielinstitute.com

Source: The Gabriel Institute

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