System 'Eye' by Discoperi Can Save 300,000 Lives per Year

Discoperi is about to become a new revolution in the automotive industry. Its product — System 'Eye' — is an existing solution that has already received solid international recognition.

While the global sales of passenger cars hit 78.6 million vehicles in 2017 alone, people still die in car accidents. To be exact, on average 3,561 deaths happen every day. These statistics are devastating. Even the safest cars and perfect roads can’t prevent us from tragedies. Devoted solely to increasing the drivers’ safety on the roads, Discoperi aims to save 300,000 lives annually and reduce the number of car accidents by 25%.

Discoperi’s product System ‘Eye’ is based on AI algorithms, big data, a blockchain-based network protocol, and an onboard intelligent IoT sensor.

The biggest challenges for us are bringing automotive data ownership back to drivers and offering a solid and precise tool that is able to collect, analyze and store the data. We want to protect drivers from manufacturers' mistakes and give a chance to reduce car accidents.

Alex Bondarenko, CEO of Discoperi

System ‘Eye’ use cases:
• Prevention of road accidents
• Associated costs adjustment ('pay-as-you-drive' model for insurance, car rentals, etc.)
• 'Safest route' navigation
• A search of stolen cars
• Detection of road system inefficiencies

‘Eye’ is a real catch for everyone who somehow deals with vehicles. Fleets, car rentals, insurance companies (with ‘pay-as-you-drive’ model), driving schools (unbiased feedback on driving skills), municipalities (detection of road system inefficiencies and road infrastructure improvement), police (a search of stolen cars).

Discoperi is opened to cooperation with automobile manufacturers, law enforcement, legal communities and research institutions.

About Discoperi:

Discoperi, Inc. is a leading startup in the automotive industry that has developed a blockchain-based solution called System 'Eye' for vehicles data collection & monetization as well as AI-based solutions for drivers’ safety improvement & accident prevention. System 'Eye' combines a powerful IoT device, big data analytics, artificial intelligence, and the decentralized network of connected vehicles (DNCV).

Source: Discoperi

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