System Analytic, a leading provider of KOL-focussed digital tools and services for pharmaceutical companies, announced the launch of a new Firefly KOL Mapping Database - Firefly Max.

KOL Identification & Mapping lies at the heart of System Analytics' inception - it's the first step of the "KOL engagement cycle," and for System Analytic, a Firefly KOL Mapping database was the first database delivered several years ago.

Pharmaceutical teams encounter a unique set of challenges when it comes to KOL Identification & Mapping. Budget limitations and time constraints are often barriers, and the fact that different teams and functional groups across the company require different types of KOLs often creates a fragmented and inefficient KOL Mapping process, usually resulting in a KOL database platform that's trying to be everything to everyone.

The unique feature of Firefly MAX that enables it to address all KOL needs across all teams - Global, National, Medical, Marketing, Clinical and HEOR - is that it allows each team to customise and build on the base-level data set to suit their specific needs, giving an unparalleled level of insight and granularity into the KOL Landscape that's unique to each function.

Firefly MAX is powered by a wealth of quantitative data from multiple domains. System Analytic research, analyse, validate, score, rank, weight, assimilate, curate, and present it all using the best of technology with the best of science.

Firefly MAX uses a variety of technologies (including machine learning & NLP), along with curation by medical specialists to analyse data and generate visuals - from Network maps to topic trees. This special combination of technology and medics/researchers means that Firefly MAX provides a comprehensive KOL Mapping delivered with a high level of confidence.

Beautifully designed and easy to use, Firefly MAX can support pharmaceutical clients the first step of the KOL engagement process - KOL identification mapping - the foundation of effective KOL strategy.

Firefly MAX allows unlimited users and is supported by a comprehensive programme of activities designed to maximise pharmaceutical investment in a KOL database.

Dr Sanjay Singhvi, a Director at System Analytic, said, "As Prof Michael Porter once opined, trying to be all things to all people is a recipe for mediocrity, and the same applies to KOL databases. And we are not mediocre."

About System Analytic:

Our visionary digital tools and world-class services help our clients to identify, understand, and engage with the most important people in their world. As a company, this is all we think about, this is all we do - and we do it with an analytical intensity and brilliance unmatched by anyone else.

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Source: System Analytic