MSL Insights Management Platform Now Enables MSLs and MSL Teams to Manage Every Step of the Insight Cycle

System Analytic, a leading provider of KOL-focused digital tools and services for pharmaceutical companies, today announced the launch of a new iteration of its novel X-Fly software offering with over 70 features that enable pharmaceutical MSLs and MSL teams to manage all the steps of the MSL Insight cycle.

MSLs in pharmaceutical companies have front line interactions with physicians and bring back important insights to their organisation. These insights are a veritable goldmine of information. But how would you mine this gold?

The new generation of the X-Fly solution announced today is dedicated to helping MSLs and MSL teams extract value from the insights they bring in on a daily basis. X-Fly is able to do this by creating a single platform from which to manage all of the different components of the MSL insight cycle, thus making sure they are all integrated and coupled tightly together. This integration is also then reflected in the MSL and MSL teams that interact and coalesce around translating these insights into actual action.

With over 70 innovative features, X-Fly addresses every single step of the MSL insight cycle – capturing insights, reviewing insights, getting managerial approval, prioritising key insights, socialising important ones to other team members, sharing collectively all the knowledge picked up by insights, analysing all the insight data, running multiple reports for different people, translating insights, and much more.

Dr. Sanjay Singhvi, a Director at System Analytic, said “One of the best things about all the innovation that’s gone into the new iteration of X-Fly is that it’s now designed to fully support you whether you are a front-line MSL bringing in all these amazing insights, or whether you are the manager of the manager of the manager of the MSL. X-Fly really does take care of it all, for all”.

About System Analytic:

Our visionary digital tools and world-class services help our clients to identify, understand, and engage with the most important people in their world. As a company, this is all we think about, this is all we do – and we do it with an analytical intensity and brilliance unmatched by anyone else.

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System Analytic is a WPP company.

Source: System Analytic