Surge Connections Returns From Successful Conference

The Surge Connections team had an opportunity to put their networking skills to the test at a recent national conference. According to Austin, the Director of Operations, the event was a major success.

​Every quarter, team members from Surge Connections travel to a national leadership conference to network with other professionals and learn the latest industry news. This event always provides the sales and marketing firm with an opportunity to enhance its operations. Austin indicated that the most recent conference was a particular success.

“We traveled to Texas in order to participate,” he said. “The event gave us the opportunity to connect with all the best and brightest in our space. Additionally, we were able to attend talks and workshops held by experts in business, leadership, and marketing. All this made the event extremely valuable for our team.”

"Surge Connections' Director of Operations discussed a recent conference, travel, and how to make the most of networking."

Austin, Director of Operations

According to Austin, the networking opportunities were particularly important because they resulted in some new business development leads. He stated that establishing professional relationships can be immensely valuable both for the company and the individual’s career. People collaborating for mutual benefit will almost always lead to good things.

“This event was also a great opportunity for us to travel as a team,” Austin said. “Getting out of the office together is an excellent way to strengthen bonds between our associates. It provides both an enjoyable change of pace and something over which to come together. The whole office is abuzz after this conference.”

Surge Connections’ Director of Operations Examines Networking Goals

Austin asserted that the Surge Connections team would not have been as successful at the conference without their goal-setting practices. He stated that some of his team members are naturally introverted and greatly benefited from having a strategic approach to relationship building.

“Even the most experienced networkers tend to struggle without plans,” he said. “We took a look at the attendee list in advance and identified some key people that we were interested in meeting. Additionally, we created a plan for each day in terms of which activities to take part in, and where to be. We thought beyond the official networking events to see where else we could meet people.”

Quality is far more important than quantity, Austin claimed. He believes that too many professionals focus on getting as many business cards as possible. However, shallow relationships don’t accomplish much. By making it a goal to establish a meaningful connection with every new contact, the Surge Connections team was able to greatly increase the impact of networking.

“Networking is all about people,” reminded Austin. “Being authentic and treating everyone like a person is really the key to success.”

About Surge Connections

Surge Connections leverages experiential marketing techniques to develop attention-grabbing campaigns that deliver results. Through a combination of research, planning and execution, the firm’s team of executives are able to transform brands into highly visible consumer experiences that promote front-of-mind awareness and earn customer loyalty. This means that companies that select Surge Connections to represent them can rest assured, knowing their growth goals will be accomplished through the development of repeat business.

Source: Surge Connections