Surge Connections Grows Business Through Customer Service

Surge Connections is a business on the rise. The Director of Operations, Austin, revealed that his company's success is thanks to a culture in which customer service is valued.

​​In today’s business world, many brands are growing increasingly disconnected from their customers. At least that is what the branding specialists at Surge Connections have observed. According to Austin and his team, focusing on customer service and developing meaningful connections has allowed their sales and marketing business to earn the loyalty of countless consumers.

“Right from the start of our business we made it a priority to always be the best we could be,” he said. “As a team we are committed to continuously learning and improving. One of the most important areas of training for us has been on how to offer the best customer experience possible. Even though we have made significant investments into this training, the returns have been well worth it.”

"One of the most important service issues for most consumers is timeliness,"

Austin, Director of Operations

Austin asserted that excellent brand experiences are the results of great service matched with realistic expectations. He indicated that many brand leaders promise consumers too much and are unable to deliver. The Surge Connections team lives by the mantra of over-delivering on every promise. According to Austin, this allows his team to surprise customers every time they interact.

“One of the most important service issues for most consumers is timeliness,” he continued. “People don’t like waiting around for help. This is easy to satisfy when volume is relatively low. The secret to true success is knowing how to adapt at peak hours. It’s also important to be prepared for speedbumps such as running out of stock of a popular item.”

Additionally, keeping team members happy tends to result in happier customers, Austin stated. He has worked to make the associate experience at Surge Connections as enjoyable as possible. This rubs off on consumers who can sense the energy and excitement in team members. He explained that great customer service largely stems from doing a lot of small things to make the experience more fun.

Surge Connections’ Director of Operations Explained the Importance of Customer Service

Clearly, the Surge Connections team is somewhat intensely focused on offering world-class customer service. Austin explained this commitment by simply stating that happy consumers tend to be the ones who keep coming back.

“We are able to offer the brands we work with greater market share growth because of our dedication to making people happy,” he asserted. “It is truly a win-win-win situation – we have a fun time interacting with consumers, they have great experiences with their favorite brands, and the brands get loyal customers.”

About Surge Connections

Surge Connections leverages experiential marketing techniques to develop attention-grabbing campaigns that deliver results. Through a combination of research, planning and execution, the firm’s team of executives are able to transform brands into highly visible consumer experiences that promote front-of-mind awareness and earn customer loyalty. This means that companies that select Surge Connections to represent them can rest assured, knowing their growth goals will be accomplished through the development of repeat business.