Surge Connections Looks to Grow Team, Productivity in 2016

Surge Connections' Director of Operations detailed strategies the firm's associates will use to be more productive in the coming year. He also discussed an upcoming hiring push.

“At Surge Connections, we have enjoyed a hugely successful 2015,” declared Austin, the firm’s Director of Operations. “It’s great to be able to say that, but I know we can’t afford to pat ourselves on the back for too long. I want to make sure we carry positive momentum well into 2016. Therefore, I and the rest of the firm’s executive team have devised some productivity strategies that will help our associates perform at a higher level in the coming months.”

One of Austin’s ideas to boost productivity may surprise some people. He explained, “I think meditation is a great way to unclutter your mind so you can concentrate on important tasks. As 2016 approaches, I will be encouraging our team here at Surge Connections to make time to clear their thoughts and focus on their breathing. All it takes is about five minutes a day to become more productive.”

"At Surge Connections, we have enjoyed a hugely successful 2015,"

Austin, Director of Operations

The Director also believes a more efficient e-mail strategy will pay big dividends for the Surge Connections team. “There are few things with more potential for distraction than e-mail,” he added. “E-mail has changed the way we work, but it has evolved into a constant reminder of other people’s priorities. For that reason, I encourage our associates to define specific times to check and respond to e-mails. That way, they can focus on their own important tasks.”

Surge Connections Seeks New Talent to Help Reach Ambitious Goals in 2016

Company leaders have set high benchmarks for revenues and growth in 2016. Austin recognizes the need for additional talent to reach those objectives. He stated, “Our team is remarkably versatile and productive, but we will need more personnel so we can expand and thrive. The first quarter of 2016 promises to be a time of rapid growth for our team. The addition of new hires should enable us to make 2016 a year to remember.”

Austin believes collaborative skills will be especially important for any potential hire. He commented, “One of the biggest reasons our company has become a respected industry leader is our associates’ ability to fuse their talents. They come together to create memorable interactive promotions that make a huge impact on consumers. As we evaluate candidates to join the Surge Connections team, we will be looking for team players who want to grow with our company.”

About Surge Connections

Surge Connections leverages experiential marketing techniques to develop attention-grabbing campaigns that deliver results. Through a combination of research, planning and execution, the firm’s team of executives are able to transform brands into highly visible consumer experiences that promote front-of-mind awareness and earn customer loyalty. This means that companies that select Surge Connections to represent them can rest assured, knowing their growth goals will be accomplished through the development of repeat business.