Surge Connections Grows Business Through Customer Care

The director of operations at Surge Connections outlined the importance of excellent customer service in sustaining the firm's growth. He also shared some customer service mistakes to avoid.

“Great customer service is one of the reasons why Surge Connections is growing so rapidly,” stated Austin, the firm’s director of operations. “Our team works hard to anticipate customers’ needs. We have earned a reputation as a service-focused leader in interactive marketing. The sky is the limit for our future here at Surge Connections, and keeping customers happy is a big part of that.”

Austin and the other leaders at Surge Connections realize that satisfied customers provide a range of benefits to the company. The director explained, “Along with enjoying the support of a loyal customer base, delivering great service leads to positive word-of-mouth promotions. When we go the extra mile to take care of our customers, they tell others about their great experiences. From there, we gain new business and forge new partnerships that push our company to new heights. The referrals we get from happy customers are a significant part of our ongoing success.”

"There is no shortage of customer service horror stories out there," the

Austin, Director of Operations

Surge Connections Shares Common Customer Service Mistakes

 “There is no shortage of customer service horror stories out there,” the director added. “Customer reviews are posted all over company websites and social media. Therefore, you can’t afford to lose focus on taking care of the people who support your organization. There are some common customer service mistakes that we’ve seen all too often in other companies. Here at Surge Connections, we warn our team to steer clear of them.”

Keeping customers waiting is one of the worst mistakes that companies make. “When a customer of ours has an issue or complaint, we don’t put them on hold or delay taking action,” Austin said. “We want our customers to feel valued, and that means we are easy to reach and we are committed to finding prompt solutions when problems occur. Our customers know they are our top priority.”

Being prepared for the busiest times is also an important way to provide unmatched customer service. “You have to ask yourself if your people and the technology you use are ready for a deluge of business,” the director noted. “It’s crucial to have contingency plans and alternative methods in place for the occasions when you are overwhelmed by customers. If you don’t, you risk turning people away, which results in doing long-term damage to your company’s reputation.”

About Surge Connections

Surge Connections leverages experiential marketing techniques to develop attention-grabbing campaigns that deliver results. Through a combination of research, planning and execution, the firm’s team of executives are able to transform brands into highly visible consumer experiences that promote front-of-mind awareness and earn customer loyalty. This means that companies that select Surge Connections to represent them can rest assured, knowing their growth goals will be accomplished through the development of repeat business.