Supplyshark Says New Online Marketplace is Helping Buyers in Search of PPE to Connect to New Suppliers

Supplyshark is an online marketplace where buyers and sellers across a scope of industries can connect.

As the Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and sanitizer shortages caused by COVID-19 continue, the founders of Supplyshark have jumped in to help buyers connect to new sellers for their masks, disinfectants and other safety items. The company is even offering a free 90-day subscription to encourage even more PPE suppliers to join its marketplace.

Supplyshark is an online destination where buyers and sellers across a scope of industries can connect. It was created by a group of experts from the supply side of the distribution sector who were frustrated by how challenging it could be to find the right buyers. 

“COVID-19 has been hard on all of us in one way or another but finding affordable PPE from reputable suppliers has been a top concern from Day 1,” said Megan Johnston, co-founder, Supplyshark. “We decided to offer a free three-month subscription to our site to encourage more distributors to join and make their products more readily available to key buyers. We really hope that it is an impetus to building both short- and long-term relationships between the suppliers and those buyers in dire need of their products.”

The site currently allows suppliers offering hospital-grade disinfectants and sanitizers, one of the many products in short supply during the pandemic, among other items, to be listed. In addition to PPE, cleaning supplies, and medical equipment, Supplyshark also offers supply options in the Agriculture and Farming sector; Building and Industrial Supplies; Energy and Utilities; Electrical; Materials and Inventory; Machinery, Equipment and Transport; and other industries.

Johnston said Supplyshark is unique in that it is subscription-based and does not facilitate payments and pricing between suppliers and buyers. Buyers browse product and service listings and contact suppliers directly. A project clipboard lets users set up projects, find needed products or services, determine quantities, store supplier information, and manage the associated budget. The Supplyshark Opportunity Board lets buyers post what they are looking for and suppliers can respond. The site even has a Forum where users can interact with others in their industry to share finds, seek help with projects, and get and give advice.

To receive a free 90-day subscription, enter promo code: 90DaysFree. For more information about Supplyshark, go to

For media inquiries, contact Megan Johnston at or 866-707-4275.

Source: Supplyshark


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