Stay-at-Home Fitness Becomes Even More Social Than the Gym With 'Bim - Social Fitness App'

Bim Tech is proud to launch "Bim - Social Fitness App", a game-changing social fitness app that revolutionizes home workouts by enabling friends, communities, and coaches to remotely work out together with multi-user video. Available now for iPhone.

Bim - Social Fitness App is available now for iOS

Individuals and coaches looking to socially invigorate stay-at-home fitness should look no further than "Bim - Social Fitness App" — the exciting new fitness app that revolutionizes home workouts by enabling friends, communities, and coaches to remotely workout together with live multi-user video.

"Bim - Social Fitness App" combines home workout programs with real-time multi-user video for up to 20 participants, creating an experience that recreates the social setting of physical gym classes with the additional customization benefits offered by a digital platform.

Users can select from hundreds of existing programs — or create their own from 160 customizable workout exercises. Once a program has been selected users can schedule the workout with a custom group of friends, and then exercise together with all participants appearing in real-time via multi-user video.

Coaches and trainers can also create groups to enable them to provide live video instruction and recreate the motivational buzz of physical classes, all whilst allowing participants to connect from anywhere.

"Bim - Social Fitness App" also includes the following features:

> Work out up to 20 people at the same time over video call.
> 4 different training modes - solo, team, competition and coach (new!).
> Discover workout programs created by the bim community or create and share your own!
> More than 160 customizable exercises to create an infinite number of programs.
> Plan workout sessions for yourself or your community.
> Follow your fitness evolution.
> No subscription required - it's free!

"Bim - Social Fitness App", the revolutionary new way for friends, communities, and coaches to remotely work out together, is available now in the App Store at:

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We are a young team of fitness and tech enthusiasts based in France and Singapore that use agile techniques to develop fun tech for users around the globe.

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