MyScript Interactive Ink Makes the New Rakuten Kobo Elipsa eReader a Uniquely Innovative Device

MyScript Interactive Ink (iink) engine brings the full power of iink to an eInk device for the first time.

MyScript Interactive Ink

MyScript Interactive Ink (iink) engine already successfully powers advanced digital notetaking for millions of users around the world, via the company's acclaimed Nebo app. With its launch on the Rakuten Kobo Elipsa eReader, it brings the full power of iink to an eInk device for the first time.

Designed to further elevate the world's ultimate reading experience, the integration of MyScript Interactive Ink allows Kobo Elipsa users to handwrite notes on their device using an active pen. They can also use their pen to highlight text, adjust spacing, cut and paste content within the eNote environment and sketch freely. But that's not all: thanks to the iink engine's pioneering handwriting recognition, all handwritten content can be converted to typed text in just a couple of taps.

"MyScript Interactive Ink drives the eNote experience to even greater heights"

Ramesh Mantha, VP Products at Rakuten Kobo

"MyScript Interactive Ink drives the eNote experience to even greater heights," says Ramesh Mantha, VP Products at Rakuten Kobo. "Its world-beating handwriting recognition empowers users to create content more easily and integrate it more swiftly with other apps and devices. This further ensures that the Kobo device will become a vital and valuable part of our users' working lives."

The new Kobo Elipsa powered by MyScript Interactive Ink, is scheduled for release on June 24, 2021.

About MyScript

Since 1998, MyScript has pioneered the development of AI technology that makes handwriting the basis for powerful human-machine interfaces.

Placing ink at the center of the digital world, MyScript's software lets users interact with digital devices in more intuitive and versatile ways, seamlessly integrating handwriting into their workflows.

In 2016, the company used this expertise to create Nebo, a note-taking app that employs the accuracy and power of MyScript Interactive Ink to boost users' productivity.

With an international team and support for more than 70 languages, MyScript serves customers worldwide from its headquarters in Nantes, France, as well as regional offices in China, Japan, Korea and the US.

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