Nebo 3.0 Lets Users Mark Up PDFs and Add Smart, Searchable Annotations to Documents

MyScript is proud to announce the launch of Nebo 3.0, including new PDF tools for professionals and students to mark up PDFs and add smart, searchable annotations to documents.

Nebo 3.0 is available now for iOS, Android and Windows.

MyScript announced today that Nebo 3.0, the latest iteration of their award-winning note-taking app, is now available for iOS, Android and Windows devices. The innovative, digital-handwriting app, which has helped millions of users leverage the power of digital ink, now includes new functionality for importing, annotating and sharing existing PDF documents.

For professionals: Smart, searchable annotations and mark-up allow users to work more productively, while import and sharing functions empower teams to to collaborate more effectively through direct interaction with documents, charts and presentations.

For education: Handwritten mark-up helps students to learn more effectively, interacting directly with course texts for a two-way relationship with educational materials.

Nebo's new PDF features include:

  • Import any PDF into a Nebo notebook.
  • Mark up directly with a variety of customizable pen tools (including a new PDF highlighter).
  • Smart annotations are automatically indexed for global searching.
  • Annotations can be copied and easily converted to typed text.
  • Export to third-party apps as PDF or publish to a private URL from within Nebo.

"Nebo 3.0 opens a new world to our users by enabling them to apply powerful mark-up tools to any existing PDF document," says MyScript Chief Strategy Officer Denis Manceau. "This is more important than ever amid the world's 'new normal', where teams and individuals are geographically distributed and it's frequently necessary to work on digital documents rather than print-outs. Combining the proven advantages of handwritten content with the power of our unique digital ink technology — including global search of handwritten annotations — Nebo's suite of PDF tools provides both professionals and students with a new note-taking advantage. Taken together with the app's regular and freeform pages, PDF import enables Nebo to cover every note-taking use case."

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Nebo is also available at volume for clients in business or education looking to implement the efficiencies of digital note-taking for their staff or students.

About MyScript

Since 1998, MyScript has pioneered the development of AI technology that makes handwriting the basis for powerful human-machine interfaces.

Placing ink at the center of the digital world, MyScript's software lets users interact with digital devices in more intuitive and versatile ways, seamlessly integrating handwriting into their workflows.

In 2016, the company used this expertise to create Nebo, a note-taking app that employs the accuracy and power of MyScript Interactive Ink to boost users' productivity.

With an international team and support for more than 70 languages, MyScript serves customers worldwide from its headquarters in Nantes, France, as well as regional offices in China, Japan, Korea and the US.

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