Nebo 2.8 Adds Support for Passive Pen Input, Offering Device Manufacturers a Gateway to World-Leading Handwriting Recognition

MyScript's newly updated Nebo 2.8 note-taking app now supports passive as well as active pens. The result is a more powerful and versatile solution for OEMs looking to empower their devices with the best handwriting-recognition app on the market.

Nebo 2.7 is available now for iOS, Android and Windows.

MyScript, the world leader in handwriting recognition and digital ink, today announced a milestone update to its award-winning Nebo note-taking app. As of version 2.8, Nebo supports both passive and active pens. This gives manufacturers the opportunity to enhance their Android, Chrome OS and Windows devices with the most accurate handwriting-recognition app on the market, driven by advanced AI and acclaimed by users.

Early in 2020, MyScript unveiled partnerships with LG and Huawei that saw Nebo preinstalled on LG V60 ThinQ and HUAWEI MatePad Pro devices. Now, Nebo 2.8's proprietary support for passive pens makes the app compatible with any touchscreen device - opening up world-class digital note-taking to a far wider range of devices.   

Passive pen support in Nebo offers the following benefits:

> Compatibility with any touchscreen device.

> Low power requirements.

The new functionality is founded on UX and engineering innovations, including:

> A new interaction tool that enables users to switch between writing or performing touch interactions with a passive pen (or finger).

> Updated touch controls for iPad and Android devices, letting users perform selected interactions with two fingers while continuing to write with a passive pen.

> A brand-new palm-rejection algorithm that ensures users can write with a passive pen without worrying about accidental palm contact.

"Although an active pen will always provide the best possible Nebo experience, we're happy that we can now offer support for passive pens to our users," says MyScript Chief Strategy Officer Denis Manceau. "It's a milestone on the road to making the productivity-boosting power of Nebo available to everyone. Nebo 2.8 is available at volume for clients in business or education looking to implement the efficiencies of digital note-taking for their staff or students - and we also offer options for enterprise clients seeking to incorporate Nebo and the power of Interactive Ink into their products."

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