Skills Gap Analysis Within Organisations Just Got Way Easier With MuchSkills' Latest Update

The 3.1 release gives organisations a high level of control, insight and access into their workforce skills.

MuchSkills skill gap analysis & skill matrix mapping

Real-time skills gap analysis just got a whole lot easier with the latest release from skills and competency mapping software MuchSkills.

With the help of smart filters and insightful data visualizations, the MuchSkills 3.1 update enables teams and organisations to easily identify skill gaps that may affect performance. They can then use this knowledge - which includes the number of employees per skill as well as skill level - to identify upskilling, reskilling or recruitment opportunities.

"This is one of MuchSkills' most important updates," says CEO Daniel Nilsson. "Never before have organisations been able to get this level of control, insight and access to the skills existing in their organisation. Keeping a track of critical skills takes just a few minutes and reports are generated in real-time. The skill gap analysis is clear and actionable for anyone in the organisation wanting to identify opportunities for growth, upskilling and improvement."

The new update gives organisations the ability to:

  • Evaluate if they have the right number of employees per skill and skill level.
  • Understand how many individuals rank themselves as Experts, Intermediates or Beginners for each skill.
  • Discover hidden skills - skills that employees bring to the table that you didn't know they had.
  • Set and monitor multiple master lists of skills that are critical to an organisation, team or department to ensure skill availability at all times.
  • Identify skill gaps. 
  • Strategise team member growth.
  • Identify upskilling and recruitment opportunities.

The update, which releases for all users on Nov. 2, 2021, will especially be useful for medium to large enterprises.

About MuchSkills

MuchSkills is a technology start-up founded in 2019 by Gothenburg-based design and strategy consulting firm Up Strategy Lab. The product, launched in 2020, is a skills visualization software designed to enable employees and organizations to better map and manage their skills. Since its launch, MuchSkills has seen steady and organic growth. 

MuchSkills was born after its founders realised that though the nature of work has evolved tremendously over the years, the ways in which people communicate their skills has not. Additionally, while the world has gone digital, the way organisations map and view skills is stuck in analog.

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Source: MuchSkills