Build a Dream Team Every Single Time With the World's Best Team-Building Tool

Team Builder, the latest release from skills management tool MuchSkills, enables organisations to build autonomous, skills-based, agile and high-performing teams in minutes.

MuchSkills Team Builder

The ability to build autonomous, skills-based, agile and high-performing teams every single time…in minutes. Users of skills management tool MuchSkills will be able to do all this and more with the release of an exciting new function: Team Builder.

To be successful, organisations need the right people with the right skill levels for the job at hand. With Team Builder, organisations can swiftly leverage talent whenever they want it across departments, locations and job titles. Dream teams have never been easier to build.

"Organisations that want to  build autonomous, agile and high-performing teams will love our Team Builder release," says MuchSkills CEO Daniel Nilsson. "Creating high-performing teams has always been difficult, especially in large organisations. Team Builder allows organisations to swiftly assemble the best people for the job at hand. Finally, you can build teams based on who is the best fit instead of who you happen to know."

Here's how organisations can most effectively use the Team Builder function.

1.  Deploy employee strengths: Research has shown that employees want to use their strengths at work, and perform best when they do so. Use the Team Builder function to list the skills and competencies you need for a project or team and get recommendations for candidates who are the best fit.

2.  Eliminate selection bias: Hiring or internal selection processes in most organisations are often plagued by bias­ - conscious or unconscious. Use the Team Builder function to pick the best talent so that you can build teams on the basis of strengths and competencies.

3.  Showcase team skills: Teams work better when each member knows the strengths of all the other members, says research. Share the team page with team members, clients and collaborators so that everyone is aware of each other's strengths and abilities. Additionally, selected team members will also know what strengths they have been picked for.

Team Builder releases for all MuchSkills users on 17th of January, 2022.

About MuchSkills

MuchSkills is a technology start-up founded in 2019 by Gothenburg-based design and strategy consulting firm Up Strategy Lab. The product, launched in 2020, is a skills management software tool designed to enable employees and organizations to better map and manage their skills and includes skill competency matrix and skill gap analysis for the entire organization. Since its launch, MuchSkills has seen steady and organic growth. 

MuchSkills was born after its founders realised that though the nature of work has evolved tremendously over the years, the ways in which people communicate their skills has not. Additionally, while the world has gone digital, the way organisations map and view skills is stuck in analog.

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