Simple Lawn Solutions Retail Line Gives Consumers Online Access to Company's Successful Commercial Fertilizer Blends

Family Business Keeps the Focus on Service and Selection

For three generations, the Pecsenka family has built a reputation as the go-to for customizable commercial agricultural, turf and golf course fertilizers. Now, those expert solutions and personal touch have extended to the general public with their Simple Lawn Solutions retail line for home lawns and gardens. And according to the founders, the products give “family-friendly” a little extra meaning.

The Simple Lawn Solutions consumer line was created from the company’s top-selling commercial products for agriculture and golf courses. Of the thousand or so commercial formulas they offer, 13 of those products were hand-chosen and adjusted accordingly to meet homeowners’ most essential general lawn care and garden needs. Those include five lawn foods, four lawn boosters and three soil treatments – in sprayable and shakable options. The products come individually or in bundles and all ingredients are clearly listed. Proven components are incorporated like seaweed, Humic/Fulvic acid, iron, phosphorous (or non-phosphorous), nitrogen and a wide array of micronutrients in unique combinations to solve common and not-so-common challenges and promote healthy growth.

To fully understand what makes Simple Lawn Solutions different, one need only look to the company history and manufacturing operations – which are anything but typical. The Pecsenka family has been in the agriculture industry for decades, first as family farmers in Canada before relocating to the U.S. and launching its fertilizer manufacturing business in 1993. The Simple Lawn Solutions line was introduced in 2015 and over the years, the company has served thousands of customers. Founders Hilda and George Pecsenka continue to be involved in the day-to-day business functions and their sons and four of their grandchildren are also part of the employee team. They share responsibilities focused on innovative production practices to maximize efficiencies without sacrificing quality and developing products and creating blends that meet the targeted needs of clients. The family as a whole puts service at the forefront and has committed to keeping the business “right-sized” so that the personal touch with customers remains an essential ingredient to each order.

“Just like families hand down traditions and recipes to the next generation, we do the same for our customers with our fertilizer blends,” said Mark Pecsenka. Our customers know they can expect consistency in product quality, effectiveness and care, yet at the same time, every year we tweak our products and add or retire others to ensure they are meeting market demand.” 

Simple Lawn Solutions’ site also includes a full section providing educational content and easy-to-follow directions for lawn and garden care, from seeding to watering, with specific guidance for each season.

“Our business is a labor of love across the board. We have a shared love for gardens and greenscapes, problem-solving, innovation, entrepreneurship, personalized customer service and most especially, each other,” added Pecsenka. “By offering our products to a wider audience, we are in effect welcoming these new customers to our extended family. And to us, family is everything.”

For more information about Simple Lawn Solutions' retail products, go to or @simplelawnsolutions on Instagram. 

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Source: Simple Lawn Solutions

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