Sample Entertainment Hollywood Music Producer, Benny Simanjuntak Completes 2 New Singles for Indonesian Singer, Nima Ilayla

Nima Ilayla

Sample Entertainment Music Producer, Benny Simanjuntak completes 2 new singles for Indonesian singer, Nima Ilayla.

Music Producer Benny Simanjuntak brought teenage singer Nima Ilayla (Indonesia) to Hollywood, California to record with Grammy award winning mixer Tom Weir and producer Vasily Pinchuk.

The first single written by Tom Weir is called “I Don’t Give a What”. It was recorded at his award-winning studio, Studio City Sound (in Studio City, California) It’s a mid-tempo pop/R&B track with a blend of synths and real instruments by world-class musicians. Studio City Sound is a well-known recording studio for popular artists like Kelly Clarkson, System Of A Down, Rod Stewart, and more. With their state of the art equipment, mic pre-amps, and cutting-edge sound facility, this was a dream come true for Nima.

The second single is written by music producer, Vasily Pinchuk and is called “I Can Do it All”. A strong upbeat, electronic track recorded at NRG Studio in North Hollywood, California. NRG is a well-known recording studio for artists like Linkin Park, No Doubt, Evanescence, Papa Roach, and more. This song was done in NRG’s Studio B (aka the Moroccan room) on the custom Neve 8078 console.

Both singles: “I Don’t Give a What” and “I Can Do it All” will be available in mid-October 2018 in all digital stores, worldwide. 

The music video for “I Don’t Give a What” was directed and filmed by Guerilla Hollywood Production’s Michael Mihael.

Contact: Benny Simanjuntak

IG: bennysimanjuntak_

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